Pectocarya linearis

Pectocarya linearis (Ruiz & Pavon) deCandolle

Prodr. 10: 120 (1846)

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Pec-to-cár-y-a li-ne-à-ris
linear, in reference to the shape of the nutlets
Cynoglossum lineare
Ruiz & Pavon, Fl. Peruv. 2: 6 (1799) (Basionym)

Myosotis gracilis
Ruiz & Pavon, Fl. Peruv. 2: 5 (1799)
Echinospermum gracile Lehmann, Pl. Asperif. Nucif.: 129 (1818)
Rochelia gracilis Roemer & Schultes, Syst. Veg., ed. 15 bis 4: 111 (1819)
Pectocarya gracilis (Ruiz & Pavon) I.M.Johnston, Contr. Gray Herb. 70: 36 (1924)

Pectocarya chilensis deCandolle, Prodr. 10: 120 (1846)
Type Species/EspeciesTipo:
  HOLOTYPE: Ruiz & Pavon s.n., Sancti Jacobi, Chilensis, campis aridis (MA)


LEFT: BONAP Accessed 20 April. Dark green=present in state; Light green=present in county, not rare.
MIDDLE: CCH2 (records; mapped separately): Accessed 20 April 2020.
RIGHT: GBIF 2019: Accessed 20 April 2020. Note: Localities north of California are likely mistaken.

Key to subspecies (after Veno, 1979):
Nutlets planar or with apices somewhat recurved, linear-oblanceolate, homomorphic to slightly heteromorphic, length/width= 5/1 (-4/1); margin erect to strictly ascending,
   (cleft-) divided dentate; margin teeth less than two times longer than wide; North America, coastal California and Baja California Norte, Mexico; South America, Argentina (rare Chile)
    ... P. ferocula [=P. linearis var. ferocula]
Nutlets moderately recurved, oblanceolate, heteromorphic with the lower or both adaxial nutlet margins and/or nutlet size reduced, length/width= 4/1 (-3/1); margin sub-involute to ascending;
   margin teeth wide, two or more times longer than wide.
      Plants erect to ascending (-decumbent); nutlet margins strictly to widely ascending, broadly and regularly cleft to parted dentate;
         North America, southeastern California, Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico ... P. platycarpa
      Plants prostrate to decumbent; nutlet margins sub­ involute to erect to ascending, often medial­laterally constricted, irregularly parted to divided dentate;
         South America, Chile, rare Argen- tina ... P. linearis
[=P. linearis var. linearis]

Distribution in South America of Pectocarya linearis var. ferocula (triangles) and P. linearis var. linearis (circles; open circle=type locality) in South America.
After Veno, 1979:174.

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