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Oreocarya Greene

Pittonia 1: 57 (1889)

Gr. oros or oreos, mountain, + karyon, a nut, in reference to the montane, often high elevation habitats of members of the genus

Cryptantha Lehmann ex G.Don, Gen. Hist. 4(1): 373 (1837)
Cynoglossum L., Sp. Pl.: 134 (1753)
Eritrichium Schrad. ex Gaudin, Fl. Helv. 2: 57 (1828)
Brand, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 24: 59 (1927)
Fischer & C.A.Meyer, Index Seminum (LE, Petropolitanus) 7: 52 (1841)
L., Sp. Pl.: 131 (1753)
Rchb., Flora 7: 243 (1824)
Type Species/EspeciesTipo:

Oreocarya glomerata (Pursh) Greene, Pittonia 1: 58 (1887)
      J. Bradbury s.n., USA: Upper Louisiana (PH00008533). Basionym: Cynoglossum glomeratum Nuttall ex Pursh, Fl. Amer. Sept. 2: 729. 1814
      Designated the type of Cryptantha, subgenus Oreocarya by Higgins 1971, in that work treated as Cryptantha celosioides (Eastwood) Payson,
      as Cryptantha glomerata Lehmann ex G.Don, Gen. Hist. 4(1): 373 (1837), the type of the genus Cryptantha, was already in use.

Distribution of Oreocarya:
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RIGHT: GBIF. 2019. Global Biodiversity Information Facility. http://www.gbif.org. Accessed 29 Dec 2019.




species and 71 minimally ranked taxa
All species are present in USA; =Canada also; ††=Mexico also
Cryptantha synonyms in brackets; red=synonyms with different epithet]
Oreocarya abortiva Greene [Cryptantha abortiva (Eastwood) Payson]
Oreocarya aperta Eastwood  Extinct [Cryptantha aperta (Eastwood) Payson]
Oreocarya atwoodii (L.C.Higgins) Hasenstab & M.G.Simpson [Cryptantha atwoodii L.C.Higgins]
Oreocarya bakeri Greene [Cryptantha bakeri (Greene) Payson]
Oreocarya barnebyi (I.M.Johnston) Hasenstab & M.G.Simpson [Cryptantha barnebyi I.M.Johnston]
Oreocarya breviflora Osterhout [Cryptantha breviflora (Osterh.) Payson]
Oreocarya caespitosa A.Nelson [Cryptantha caespitosa (A.Nelson) Payson]
Oreocarya cana A.Nelson [Cryptantha cana (A.Nelson) Payson]
Oreocarya capitata Eastwood [Cryptantha capitata (Eastwood) I.M.Johnston]
Oreocarya compacta (L.C.Higgins) R.B.Kelley [Cryptantha compacta L.C.Higgins]
Oreocarya confertiflora Greene [Cryptantha confertiflora (Greene) Payson]
Oreocarya crassipes (I.M.Johnston) Hasenstab & M.G.Simpson [Cryptantha crassipes I.M.Johnston]
Oreocarya creutzfeldtii (S.L.Welsh) R.B.Kelley [Cryptantha creutzfeldtii S. L. Welsh]
Oreocarya crymophila (I.M.Johnston) Jepson & Hoover [Cryptantha crymophila I.M.Johnston]
Oreocarya depressa (M.E. Jones) J.F.Macbride [Cryptantha abata I.M.Johnston]
Oreocarya elata Eastwood [Cryptantha elata (Eastwood) Payson]
Oreocarya flava A.Nelson [Cryptantha flava (A.Nelson) Payson]
Oreocarya flavoculata A.Nelson [Cryptantha flavoculata (A.Nelson) Payson]
Oreocarya fulvocanescens (S. Watson) Greene [Cryptantha fulvocanescens (S.Watson) Payson]
     var. fulvocanescens      [C. f. var. fulvocanescens]
     var. nitida (Greene) R.B.Kelley      [C. f. var. nitida (Greene) R.C. Sivinski]
Oreocarya glomerata (Pursh) Greene [Cryptantha celosioides (Eastwood) Payson]
Oreocarya grahamii (I.M.Johnston) R.B.Kelley [Cryptantha grahamii I.M.Johnston]
Oreocarya hoffmannii (I.M.Johnston) Abrams [Cryptantha hoffmannii I.M.Johnston]
Oreocarya humilis (A.Gray) Greene [Cryptantha humilis (A.Gray) Payson]
     subsp. humilis      [C. humilis var. humilis]
     subsp. nana (Eastwood) W.A.Weber      [C. humilis var. nana (Eastwood) L.C.Higgins]
Oreocarya hypsophila (I.M.Johnston) Hasenstab & M.G.Simpson [Cryptantha hypsophila I.M.Johnston]
Oreocarya insolita J.F.Macbride   Extinct [Cryptantha insolita (J.F.Macbride) Payson]
Oreocarya interrupta Greene [Cryptantha interrupta (Greene) Payson]
Oreocarya johnstonii (L.C.Higgins) Hasenstab & M.G.Simpson [Cryptantha johnstonii L.C.Higgins]
Oreocarya jonesiana Payso [Cryptantha jonesiana (Payson) Payson]
Oreocarya leucophaea (Douglas) Greene [Cryptantha leucophaea (Douglas) Payson]
Oreocarya longiflora A.Nelson [Cryptantha longiflora (A.Nelson) Payson]
Oreocarya mensana (M. E. Jones) Payson [Cryptantha mensana (M.E. Jones) Payson]
Oreocarya nubigena Greene [Cryptantha nubigena (Greene) Payson]
Oreocarya oblata (M. E. Jones) J.F.Macbride [Cryptantha oblata (M.E. Jones) Payson]
Oreocarya ochroleuca (L.C.Higgins) R.B.Kelley [Cryptantha ochroleuca L.C.Higgins]
Oreocarya osterhoutii Payson [Cryptantha osterhoutii (Payson) Payson]
Oreocarya palmeri (A.Gray) Greene †† [Cryptantha palmeri (A.Gray) Payson]
Oreocarya paradoxa A.Nelson [Cryptantha paradoxa (A.Nelson) Payson]
Oreocarya paysonii J.F.Macbride [Cryptantha paysonii (J.F.Macbride) I.M.Johnston]
Oreocarya propria A.Nelson & J.F.Macbride [Cryptantha propria (A.Nelson & J.F.Macbride) Payson]
Oreocarya revealii W.A.Weber & R. C. Wittmann [Cryptantha gypsophila Reveal & C.R. Broome]
Oreocarya rollinsii (I.M.Johnston) W.A.Weber [Cryptantha rollinsii I.M.Johnston]
Oreocarya roosiorum (Munz) R.B.Kelley, Hasenstab, & M.G.Simpson  1B.2 [Cryptantha roosiorum Munz]
Oreocarya rugulosa Payson [Cryptantha rugulosa (Payson) Payson]
Oreocarya salmonensis A.Nelson & J.F.Macbride [Cryptantha salmonensis (A.Nelson & J.F.Macbride) Payson]
Oreocarya schoolcraftii (Tiehm) R.B.Kelley  2B.2 [Cryptantha schoolcraftii Tiehm]
Oreocarya semiglabra (Barneby) Hasenstab & M.G.Simpson [Cryptantha semiglabra Barneby]
Oreocarya sericea (A.Gray) Greene [Cryptantha sericea (A.Gray) Payson]
Oreocarya setosissima (A.Gray) Greene [Cryptantha setosissima (A.Gray) Payson]
Oreocarya shackletteana (L.C.Higgins) R.B.Kelley [Cryptantha shackletteana L.C.Higgins]
Oreocarya sobolifera (Payson) R.B.Kelley   WI/IN [Cryptantha sobolifera Payson]
Oreocarya spiculifera Piper [Cryptantha spiculifera (Piper) Payson]
Oreocarya stricta Osterhout [Cryptantha stricta (Osterh.) Payson]
Oreocarya subcapitata (Dorn & Lichvar) R.B.Kelley [Cryptantha subcapitata Dorn & Lichvar]
Oreocarya subretusa (I.M.Johnston) Abrams [Cryptantha subretusa I.M.Johnston]
Oreocarya suffruticosa (Torrey) Greene †† [Cryptantha cinerea (Greene) Cronquist]
   var. arenicola (L.C.Higgins & S.L.Welsh) R.B.Kelley      [C. c. var. arenicola L.C.Higgins & S. L. Welsh]
   var. cinerea (Greene) Payson      [C. c. var. cinerea (Greene) Cronquist]
   var. laxa (J.F.Macbride) R.B.Kelley      [C. c. var. laxa (MacBride) L.C.Higgins]
   var. multicaulis (Torrey) Payson      [C. jamesii Payson var. multicaulis (Torr.) Payson]
   var. pustulosa (Rydberg) R.B.Kelley      [C. c. var. pustulosa (Rydberg) L.C.Higgins]
   var. setosa (M. E. Jones) R.B.Kelley      [C. jamesii Payson var. setosa (M.E. Jones) Shinners]
   var. suffruticosa      [C. c. var. cinerea]
Oreocarya tenuis Eastwood [Cryptantha tenuis (Eastwood) Payson]
Oreocarya thompsonii (I.M.Johnston) Abrams [Cryptantha thompsonii I.M.Johnston]
Oreocarya thyrsiflora Greene [Cryptantha thrysiflora (Greene) Payson]
Oreocarya tumulosa Payson [Cryptantha tumulosa (Payson) Payson]
Oreocarya virgata (Porter) Greene [Cryptantha virgata (Porter) Payson]
Oreocarya virginensis (M. E. Jones) J.F.Macbride [Cryptantha virginensis (M.E. Jones) Payson]
Oreocarya weberi (I.M.Johnston) W.A.Weber [Cryptantha weberi I.M.Johnston]
Oreocarya welshii (K.H.Thorne & L.C.Higgins) R.B.Kelley [Cryptantha welshii K.H.Thorne & L.C.Higgins]
Oreocarya wetherillii Eastwood [Cryptantha wetherillii (Eastwood) Payson]
California Native Plant Society (CNPS) Inventory Listings:
1A = California endemic, presumed extinct
1B = Rare, threatened, or endangered in California and elsewhere
2 = Rare, threatened, or endangered in California, but more common elsewhere
3 = review list (they need more information to list or not)
4 = Limited distribution (Watch List)
.1 = Seriously endangered in California (over 80% of occurrences threatened / high degree and immediacy of threat)
.2 = Fairly endangered in California (20-80% occurrences threatened)
.3 = Not very endangered in California (<20% of occurrences threatened or no current threats known)

Plant Taxa with High Affinity to Ultramafic Substrates in California (after Safford et al. 2005):
BE/SI = Broad Endemic/Strong Indicator
SE = Strong Endemic
SI = Strong Indicator
WI = Weak Indicator
WI/IN = Weak Indicator/Indifferent

Oreocarya coryi (I.M.Johnston) comb. nov., in progress
Oreocarya flumenavia sp. nov., in progress
Oreocarya higginsii sp. nov., in progress
Oreocarya howelliana sp. nov., in progress
Oreocarya montana sp. nov., in progress
Oreocarya ursina sp. nov., in progress





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