Eremocarya Taxonomy & Images

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Eremocarya Greene
Pittonia 1:58. 1887

"desert nut"
Type species:
Eremocarya micrantha (Torr.) Greene

Eremocarya consists of two species (Cryptantha s.l. synonyms in red):
After: Simpson, M. G., R. Dowdy, J. P. Rebman, R. B. Kelley, and L. M. Simpson. 2014. Recognition of two species in Eremocarya (Boraginaceae): Evidence from fornix bodies, nutlets, corolla size, and biogeography. Madroño 61: 259–275.

Eremocarya lepida (A. Gray) Greene  [Cryptantha micrantha (Torr.) I. M. Johnst. var. lepida (A. Gray) I. M. Johnst.]
Eremocarya micrantha (Torrey) Greene  [Cryptantha micrantha (Torr.) I. M. Johnst.]
    var. micrantha  [Cryptantha micrantha (Torr.) I. M. Johnst. var. micrantha]
    var. pseudolepida M.G. Simpson, L.M. Simpson, & J.P Rebman

after Simpson, M. G., L. M. Simpson, and J. P. Rebman. 2016. A new, large-flowered variety of Eremocarya micrantha (Boraginaceae). MadroƱo 63:39-54.

 1.  Corolla limb 0.5-1.5 mm diam., center white, rarely obscurely yellow ..... E. micrantha var. micrantha
1'.  Corolla limb 1-5-4.8 mm diam., center generally prominently yellow, rarely white
       2.  Nutlets usually homomorphic, minutely tuberculate, 1.2-1.4 mm long, apex acuminate; corolla fornices each with a basal cluster
            of tiny (ca. 0.1 mm long), pendant, ellipsoid "fornix bodies;" southern California to northern Baja California, Mexico .... E. lepida
      2.  Nutlets usually heteromorphic, with one slightly larger, minutely tuberculate nutlet and three smaller, smooth nutlets,
            the largest ca. 1-1.1 mm long, apex narrowly acute; corollas lacking "fornix bodies;" mostly from Baja California south of
            32 degrees north latitude... E. micrantha var. pseudolepida