Cryptantha watsonii

Cryptantha watsonii (A.Gray) Greene

Pittonia 1: 120. 1887

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Cryp-tán-tha wat-són-i-i
after Sereno Watson (1826-1892), of Harvard, assistant to Asa Gray and Curator of the Gray Herbarium, collector of type
Krynitzkia watsonii A. Gray, Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 20: 271. 1885 (Basionym)
Cryptantha vinctens A. Nels. & Macbr., Bot. Gaz. 62: 143. 1916

Watson 858, July 1869, USA: Utah, Wahsatch Mountains, 6,000 feet
   Holotype: GH00097690
   Isotypes: US00118520=US42154, YU065207

Johnston 1925 Description

Description in The Jepson eFlora

Phylogenetic Relationships:
Simpson_etal2017_p1411-cpDNA cladogram
Simpson_etal2017_p1412-nrDNA cladogram
Mabry_Simpson2018_p63-Concatenated cladogram
Cladograms from: Top, Simpson et al. 2017:1411, cpDNA results; Middle, Simpson 2017:1142, nrDNA results; Bottom, Mabry and Simpson 2018, concatenated results.
In all these results, Cryptantha watsonii is part of a well-supported clade with C. ambigua, C. torreyana, C. crinita, and C. mariposae


Left: Kartesz, J.T., The Biota of North America Program (BONAP). 2012. North American Plant Atlas (
COLOR KEY: Dark green=present in state; Light green=present in county, not rare. Accessed 11 Apr 2014.
Middle: California Consortium of Herbaria. Accessed 22 Jan 2012.
Right: CCH2. Click to see current herbarium records.

Type Specimens:
Watson 858, July 1869, UTAH: Wasatch Mountains, 6,000 feet.

Note smooth, shiny, compressed, lance-ovate nutlets (1.4-2 mm long) with sharply
angled margins (esp. near apex) and small (0.5-1.5 mm wide) corolla limb.
[Click on image for higher magnification.]

Nutlet, dorsal view
Scale bar = 1 mm

Nutlet, ventral view
Scale bar = 1 mm

Nutlet, side view
Scale bar = 1 mm

Cryptantha watsonii
Ertter 7187, 16 Jun 1987 (RSA516987=RSA0008806)
USA: California, Lassen County, Skeedaddle Mountains on NE side of Honey Lake.
Approximate locality: 40.3886711, -120.1434123, 1,540 meters
ourtesy of Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Herbarium (RSA)

Cryptantha watsonii
Schweich 761, 19 Jun 2011 (UC1980485)
USA: California, Mono Co.
38.0644, -119.1066, 2061 meters
Courtesy of UC-Jepson Herbarium (UC)

Cryptantha watsonii
André 11517, 22 Jun 2009 (UCR216137)
USA: California, Mono Co.
37.77183 -118.58108, 1997 meters
Courtesy of UC Riverside Herbarium (UCR)

Cryptantha watsonii
André 15116, 21 Jun 2010 (UCR226737)
USA: California, Inyo Co.
37.30930 -118.59793, 2170 meters
Courtesy of UC Riverside Herbarium (UCR)

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