Cryptantha rattanii

Cryptantha rattanii Greene

Pittonia 1: 160-161 (1888)

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Cryp-tán-tha  rat-tá-ni-i
After Volney Rattan (1840-1915), botanist, San Jose, California, who first collected this species
Krynitzkia rattanii (Greene) Rattan, West Coast Botany 59. 1898
Cryptantha corollata I. M. Johnston subsp. rattanii (Greene) Abrams, Ill. Fl. Pacific States 3: 585. 1951

J. B. Hickman s.n., 1887, USA: California: Monterey County
   Holotype: NDG 01414
   Isotype: GH 00096075 (including a fragment of holotype)

Johnston 1939 Treatment, p. 390

Jepson eFlora Treatment

Cryptantha rattanii has a Calfornia Rare Plant Rank of 4.3 in the CNPS Inventory.

LEFT: Kartesz, J.T., The Biota of North America Program (BONAP). 2015. COLOR KEY: Dark green =present in state;Yellow=present in county and rare.
RIGHT: CCH2, accessed 4 Mar 2021; click to see current georeferenced records.

Type Specimens:
Cryptantha rattanii
J. B. Hickman s.n.
, 1887. USA: California: Monterey County. Holotype: NDG01414
Image courtesy of Greene/Nieuwland Herbarium (NDG) of the University of Notre Dame

Cryptantha rattanii
J. B. Hickman s.n., 1887. USA: California: Monterey County. Isotype: GH00096075
Image courtesy of Gray Herbarium (GH) of Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)

Exemplar specimen:
Cryptantha rattanii
C. B. Wolf 3772
, 21 July 1929 (POM257522)
Locality: USA: California: Monterey County, Carmel River, 20 miles above Carmel
Courtesy of California Botanic Garden Herbarium (RSA), Claremont, California, USA

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