Cryptantha pterocarya (Greene) Greene forma pseudocycloptera M.E. Mabry & M.G. Simpson
Phytotaxa 253: 114. 2016

Cryp-tán-tha  pte-ro-cár-ya forma pseudocycloptera
Etymology (varietal epithet):
"false pterocarya," in reference to its resemblance and past confusion with Cryptantha pterocarya var. cycloptera [=C. cycloptera].

Type: USA. California, Imperial County, In-Ko-Pah Mountains, Jacumba Natural Area, along road ascending to Valley of the Moon,
granite substrate, 1000 m, 32.63944° N, -116.10111° W, 13 April 2001, Rebman 7221, with D. Silverman, B. Lauri, Oscar Solis
   Holotype: SD 155821; Isotypes: RSA 700474, UC 1787754, UCR 155804.

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