Cryptantha patula

Cryptantha patula Greene

Pittonia 1: 265 (1889)

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Cryp-tán-tha  pà-tu-la
"somewhat spreading"
None known; type specimens have been confused with Cryptantha pondii Greene, now thought to be a separate species

Lieut. Pond 21
, Feb. 1889, MEXICO: Baja California, San Benito Island:
C. F. Pond s.n., 1889, MEXICO: Baja California, San Beneto [sic] Island: GH00096299
Lieut. Pond 21, Feb. 1889, MEXICO: Baja California, San Benito Island: GH00273561
Lieut. Charles F. Pond s.n., 1889, MEXICO: Baja California, San Benito Islands: NDG01388

Protologue from Pittonia 1: 265-266 (1889):
21. CRYPTANTHE. PATULA. Annual, rather slender, 3-6 inches high, parted middle the middle into several widely spreading and loosely spicate branches: leaves linear, an inch or two long, strigose-hispid: two or three of the lower calyces of the lax inflorescence leafy-bracted: calyx whitish with a dense setose pubescence, its segments lanceolate, with lax herbaceous tips : corolla rather large: nutlet 3/4 line [1 line = ca. 2.2 mm long, so this ca. 1.7 mm] long, ovate-lanceolate, tubercular-muricate, the ventral groove forked at base and closed throughout.
      Of the group of species to which C. muriculata [=C. muricata, but nomenclature confusing, needs confirmation] belongs, and exceedingly well marked in habit, resembling a Plagiobothrys in its loose inflorescence and few wide-spread branches.
Note: Comments in square brackets [].

Treatment from Johnston 1925

Distribution (Tentative; subject to change):
Cryptantha patula map from Cryptantha patula map from GBIF
LEFT:, accessed 29 Sep 2020; RIGHT: GBIF, accessed 29 Sep 2020.

Cryptantha patula
C. F. Pond 21, Feburary 1889 (US00112170)
MEXICO: San Benito I., California [Baja California]

GH00273561 type
Cryptantha patula
Lieut. Pond 21, Feb. 1889, MEXICO: Baja California, San Benito Island (GH00273561)

GH00096299-C_patula specimen type
Cryptantha patula
C. F. Pond s.n., 1889, MEXICO: Baja California, San Beneto [sic] Island (GH00096299)
Fragment of the holotype, mounted in the upper right corner of the sheet

[Back side of Johnston's letter HERE]

Exemplar: San Benito Island (type locality)
UC78590-Cryptantha_patula specimen
Cryptantha patula
T. S. Brandegee, 27 March 1897 (UC78590)
Mexico: Baja California, San Benito Island

Exemplar: San Benito Island
SBBG108801 fruit
Cryptantha patula
Junak 5321, March 15, 1993 (SBBG108801)
MEXICO: Baja California, West San Benito Island. Along trail in middle portion of N side of island.
Scattered; coastal flts; gentle N-facing slope. Elevation ca. 30 feet.

Exemplar: San Benito Island
SBBG108802 fruit
Cryptantha patula
Junak 5308, March 15, 1993 (SBBG108802)
MEXICO: Baja California, West San Benito Island.
Flats at N edge of village. Locally common between shrubs. Elevation ca. 40 feet.
28.3100, -115.6014

Exemplar: San Benito Island
Cryptantha patula
Thomas Oberbauer 142, 11 Jan 1983 (SD00025229=SD127742).
MEXICO: Baja California, San Benito Island. West island above village 28.30436 -115.5807

Exemplar: Cedros Island
Cryptantha patula
Philbrick B73-200, March 7, 1973 (SBBG46951)
To of serpentine knife edge in valley system, 1/2 mile below Adenostoma alluvium, upper southeast headwaters of Cañada Vargas.
Isla Cedros, Baja California, Mexico.

Exemplars: Baja California Mainland
SD222881 specimen SD222881 fruit
Cryptantha patula
Rebman 22889, 2012-03-21 (SD222881)
MEXICO: Baja California, Ensenada, Along coast south of Erendira and north of Colonet; on a coastal mesa and adjacent upper slopes south
of Arroyo Hediondo and on the north side of the dirt road to San Vicente
31.19198, -116.32533 74 meters (243 ft) elevation

SD91282 specimen
Moran21837-SD91282b fruit SD91282b fruit
Moran 21837, 21 April 1975 (SD91282), MEXICO, Baja California: ca. 5 miles northwest of San Quintin, common on dunes atop low beach bluffs
30.55, -116.0333333, 20 meters elevation

RSA660863 specimen RSA660863 fruit
Cryptantha cf. patula
Henrickson 19346, 19 March 1983 (RSA660863)
MEXICO: Baja California, ca. 55 air miles SE of Bajia San Luis Gonzaga at ruins of Mina Desengano, 29.1167, -114.0833, 300 ft (91 meters) elevation

Cryptantha patula
Moran 17143, March 31, 1970 (SD76970)
Large arroyo, 5 miles northwest of Punta Blanca, 29.16829, -114.73116  5 meters elevation

  SD100917 specimen C_pondii-SD100917 cymule1 C_pondii-SD100917 cymule2 
C_pondii-SD100917 plant1 C_pondii-SD100917 plant2 
C_pondii-SD100917 leaf1 
C_pondii-SD100917 flower1 C_pondii-SD100917 flower2 
C_pondii-SD100917 fruit2 C_pondii-SD100917 fruit3 
C_pondii-SD100917 fruit1 C_pondii-SD100917 inflorescence unit 
C_pondii-SD100917 nutlets 
C_pondii-SD100917 nutlet dorsal view C_pondii-SD100917 nutlet ventral view C_pondii-SD100917 nutlet lateral view 
Cryptantha patula Greene (identified as Cryptantha pondii Greene)
Reid Moran 25861
, 1978-05-10 (SD100917)
MEXICO: Baja California, On sandy-pebbly Mesa el Pabellón, 5 km east of Santa María
Habitat: Fairly common on sandy-pebbly soil with Bergercactus, Opuntia, Lycium, etc.
Associated Species: Bergerocactus, Opuntia, Machaerocereus, Lycium, Euphorbia misera, Ambrosia

30.40833, -115.83333   75 meters (246 ft) elevation

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