Cryptantha fendleri

Cryptantha pattersonii (A.Gray) Greene

Pittonia 1: 120 (1887)

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Cryp-tán-tha pat-ter-sòn-i-i
After H.N. Patterson, who collected the type specimen in 1875
Homotypic synonym:
   Krynitzkia pattersonii A. Gray, Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 20: 268. 1885

H.N. Patterson s.n., 1875.
   Holotype: GH00097684

Protologue of Gray 1885, p. 268:
++ Homocaryae: nuculae 4 fertiles conformes, gynobaai angustiori adfixae, laeves, ovato-acuminatae, vix lineam longae, sulco ventrali ima basi in areolam paullo excavatam subtriangularem repente dilatato: calyx fructifer (!in. 2 longus) minus clausus, setis pungentibus hispidus, costis prominentibus sed minus crassis : spicae basi tantum bracteatae vel ebracteatae.

K. Pattersoni. Humilis, a basi diffusa; foliis angusto-spathulatis seu linearibus; sepalis lineari-lanceolatis costa demum prominente: nuculis a basi ad medium (vel paullo ultra) gynobasi subulato-pyramidatae adfixis, una quandoque magis persistente. -At the base of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado; coll. H. N. Patterson, 1875, J. D. Hooker and A. Gray, 1877. A species till now overlooked, connecting the following with the preceding group [K.crassisepala, K. texana].

K. Fenderli. Erectus, subpedalis, paniculato-ramosus, rigidulus; foliis linearibus; sepalis fructiferis angusto-linearibus; nuculis sursum magis attenuatis fere ad apicem usque gynobasi angusto-subulatae adfixis. -Along the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains, from the Saskatchewan district (Hand Hills, Macoun) to Colorado, Northern New Mexico, and apparently in Arizona; coll. Fendler, Hall, Parry, Vasey, Porter, Rusby, &c. It has been unwarrantably confounded with K. leiocarpa, &c.

Johnston's 1925 Treatment, p. 55

Krynitzkia pattersonii A.Gray
Holotype: GH00097684

Cryptantha pattersonii
Note: This material and specimen needs verification. Nutlet morphology does not fit the species description; this resembles C. kelseyana.

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