Cryptantha mohavensis

Cryptantha mohavensis (Greene) Greene

Pittonia 1: 120. 1887

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Cryp-tán-tha mo-ha-vén-sis
of the Mohave desert or river
Krynitzkia mohavensis Greene, Bull. Calif. Acad. Sci. 1(4): 207. 1885 (BASIONYM)
Cryptantha fallax Greene, Pittonia 5: 54. 1902
     [non Cryptantha fallax Reiche, nom. illegit., Anales Univ. Chile 121: 817. 1907, Fl. Chile [Reiche] 222. 1910]
Cryptantha oxygona var. mohavensis Brand, Pflanzenr. (Engler) [Heft 97] 4, Fam. 252: 52. 1931

M.K. Curran s.n., 1884, U.S.A.: California, Mohave Desert (CAS00123282)

Johnston 1925 Description

Description in The Jepson eFlora

Phylogenetic Relationships:
Simpson_etal2017_1411-cpDNA cladogram
Mabry_Simpson2018_63-concat cladogram
Cladograms from: Top, Simpson et al. 2017:1411, cpDNA results; Bottom, Mabry and Simpson 2018, concatenated results.
In all these results, Cryptantha mohavensis is part of a well-supported clade with C. pterocarya (sister), C. oxygona, C. gracilis, and C. utahensis,
of these in Johnston's series Pterocaryae), this clade sister to one including C. nevadensis and C. scoparia.

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  LEFT: Kartesz, J.T., The Biota of North America Program (BONAP). 2012. North American Plant Atlas (
Chapel Hill, N.C. [maps generated from Kartesz, J.T. 2010. Floristic Synthesis of North America, Version 1.0. Biota of North America Program (BONAP). (in press)].
Y: Dark green=present in state; Yellow=present in county, rare; Yellow-hatched=present in county questionable. Accessed 2 Jan 2013.
California Consortium of Herbaria (middle & right), Feb 2012.

Type (Holotype) Specimen:
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Cryptantha mohavensis (Greene) Greene
Curran s.n., 1884, U.S.A.: California, Mohave Desert (CAS00123282)
Courtesy of the California Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Representative Specimens:
Note smooth, shiny, compressed, ovate nutlets (2-2.5 mm long) with sharply angled margins (esp. near apex) and relatively large corolla.
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Nutlet, dorsal view
Scale bar = 1 mm

Nutlet, ventral view
Scale bar = 1 mm

Nutlet, side view
Scale bar = 1 mm
Nutlet, cross-section
Scale bar = 1 mm
Cryptantha mohavensis
Ertter 6036, 21 April 1986 (SD129726)
USA: California, Kern County. S. Sierra Nevada, E of Isabella Lake; Pacific Crest Trail 1-2 mi NE of Walker Pass near switchbacks
Approximate Locality: 35.6676598, -118.0132666

Courtesy of the San Diego Natural History Museum (SD)

Cryptantha mohavensis (Greene) Greene
L Gross 2273, 19 May 2005 (RSA712528)
USA: California, Kern County
34.92007, -118.50139, 3,850 ft. (1174 m)
Courtesy of Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (RSA)

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