Cryptantha minima

Cryptantha minima Rydberg

Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 28: 31 (1901)

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Cryp-tán-tha mí-ni-ma
of diminutive size
Eritrichium hispidum
Buckley, nom. illegit., Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia 462. 1861 (1862)
[non Eritrichium hispidum Phil., Fl. Atacam. 38. 1860 = Cryptantha hispida (Phil.) Reiche]

Rydberg & Vreeland 5697, 31 May 1900, USA: Colorado, Huerfano Co., Cucharas River, above La Veta
Holotype: NY00335178
Isotype: RM29848

Diagnostic features/
Caracteristicas de diagnstico

      Cryptantha minima is distinctive in having bracteate flowers, sepals with thickened midribs, and four, heteromorphic nutlets in which the odd/large (adaxial) nutlet is finely and densely papillate and the three consimilar nutlets are papillate and coarsely tuberculate, both types with an attachment scar wide from middle to base, often excavated.

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Cryptantha minima
Rydberg & Vreeland 5697, 31 May 1900 (NY00335178)
USA: Colorado, Huerfano Co., Cucharas River, above La Veta


Large/Odd Nutlet, dorsal view

Large/Odd Nutlet, ventral view

Large/Odd Nutlet, side view

Consimilar Nutlet, dorsal view
Consimilar Nutlet, ventral view
Consimilar Nutlet, side view
Cryptantha minima

Cryptantha minima
R.B. Kelley 2248, 16 July 2013 (SDSU20629)
USA: Montana, Carbon County
45.13682, -108.64412, 4970 feet (1515 meters)

Cryptantha minima
Cain 1806, 19 June 2013 (SDSU20676)
USA: Montana, Custer County
46.0761, -105.8616, 2672 feet (814 meters)

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