Cryptantha maritima var. cedrosensis

Cryptantha maritima
var. cedrosensis (Greene) I.M.Johnston

Contr. Gray Herb. 74: 48. 1925

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Cryp-tán-tha ma-rí-ti-ma var. ced-ro-sén-sis
of Cedros Island, Baja California, Mexico, where type collected

Krynitzia cedrosensis Greene (Basionym), Bull. Calif. Acad. Sci. 1(4): 204. 1885
Cryptantha cedrosensis (Greene) Greene, Pittonia 1: 117 (1887)

E. L. Greene s.n., 1 May 1885, MEXICO: Baja California, Cedros Island (GH00273562)

Basionym Protologue from Bull. Calif. Acad. Sci. 1(4): 204 (1885)
K. Cedrosensis.
      Near the last [K. ramosissima, Gray, partly] but stouter and only sparingly branching, the branches decumbent or ascending; leaves larger and less setose: spikes leafy-bracted, short and somewhat glomerate at the ends of short branchlets: calyx villous-hispid but not setose: nutlet solitary, smooth and shining, mottled with darker brown, ovate-acuminate, the ventral face very flat or even a little concave by an introflexion of the sharp lateral angles, the groove open near the base, and with a — distinct but short bifurcation. K. ramosissima, Gray, 1. c. in part.
      Cedros Island, April, 1885. Dr. Gray's cited specimens from the same locality are probably identical, although none are to be found in our collection from Dr. Veatch. The nutlets are very unlike those of the last, and the habit of the species is quite characteristic.
Note: Comments in square brackets []. Note description of nutlets as smooth and shining.

Treatment from Johnston 1925

Left and Middle: Distribution of Cryptantha maritima var. cedrosensis (greenish triangles), from Simpson and Rebman 2021.
Black dots=C. maritima var. maritima; red dots=C. maritima var. pilosa; Yellow squares=C. maritima var. vizcainensis.
Right: CCH2 records (click to see live data). Note that distribution is limited to Cedros Island of Baja California, Mexico.

Crytantha maritima var. cedrosensis
E. L. Greene s.n., 1 May 1885, MEXICO: Baja California, Cedros Island

Crytantha maritima var. cedrosensis

C_maritima_v_cedrosensis-SD99668 fruit
Crytantha maritima var. cedrosensis
Reid Moran 25405, 30 Mar 1978 (SD99668)
Mexico, Baja California, Cedros Island: common in open areas on southern pine ridge, north of Canon Grande. Seen from beach. 28.18333 -115.2, 560 meters elevation

Crytantha maritima var. cedrosensis
Jon P. Rebman 2446
, 17 March 1994 (HCIB6234)
MEXICO: Baja California, Cedros Island. 28.283248, -115.249978

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