Cryptantha kinkiensis

Cryptantha kinkiensis Rebman & M.G.Simpson

Madroño 69: 123 (2022)

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Cryp-tán-tha kin-ki-én-sis
from/of kinki, the Native American Tongva name for San Clemente Island

J. Rebman 35582 with Sula Vanderplank, 29 April 2019
     USA, California: Los Angeles County: San Clemente Island: west-central portion of island on Eel Point; southwest of old airstrip and north of Seal Cove, 32.91913 N, 118.54472 W, 16 m elev., island scrub vegetation with Mesembryanthemum crystallinum, Malacothrix foliosus, Amblyopappus pusillus, Abronia umbellata, Astragalus miguelensis, Atriplex watsonii, Lycium californicum, & Suaeda taxifolia.
     Holotype: SD274504; Isotypes: SDSU

SD274496 specimen Cryptantha_kinkiensis-SD274496 calyx Nutlets in Calyx of SD274496
Dorsal Nutlet View of SD274496 Ventral Nutlet View of SD274496 Lateral Nutlet View of SD274496
Rebman 35515, 2019-04-16 (SD274496), USA: California, Los Angeles County, San Clemente Island,
east-central portion of island; vicinity of the wetlands at Twin Dams, on the flats above the mouth of the canyon; to the east of Ridge Road
32.90164 -118.47087 Elevation: 481 meters

Left: From Rebman and Simpson. 2022. Madroño, in press. Right: From CCH2. Click to see current herbarium records.

Field Photos:
Photographs by Jon Rebman, San Clemente Island, 16 April 2019.

Beauchamp 4125, 22 May 1976, (SD278630) =SCI-102
USA: California, Los Angeles County, San Clemente Island, S side of cyn below Lemon Tank
32.9305 -118.5021 Elevation: 314 meters

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