Cryptantha hispidissima

Cryptantha hispidissima Greene

Pittonia 1: 118 (1887)

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Cryp-tán-tha  his-pi-dís-si-ma
"very/most hispid"
Homotypic Synonyms:
Krynitzkia hispidissima
(Greene) Rattan, West Coast Botany 59. 1898
   Cryptantha leiocarpa (Fischer & C.A. Meyer) Greene var. hispidissima (Greene) J.F. Macbride, Contr. Gray Herb. 48: 43. 1916
   Cryptantha clevelandii Greene var. hispidissima (Greene) I.M. Johnston, Man. S. Calif. Bot. [Munz
] 427. 1935

J.G. Lemmon s.n., 1887. USA. California. San Luis Obispo Co., Lemmon's Ranch.
   Syntypes: NDG01520, GH00096042, GH00096043.

Treatment from Johnston 1925: 92

Jepson eFlora Treatment

Phylogenetic Relationships:
Simpson_etal2017 cladogram
Mabry_Simpson2018 cladogram
Cladograms from: Top, Simpson et al. 2017:1411, cpDNA results; Bottom, Mabry and Simpson 2018:64, Astral results.
In all these results, Cryptantha hispidissima is part of a well-supported clade with C. leiocarpa  and another sample with C. juniperensis and C. nemaclada.

Distribution / DistribuciĆ³n: 
Cryptantha hispidissima CCH2 map
From CCH2, accessed 3 Sep 2021.
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GH00096043 GH00096043 fruit
Cryptantha hispidissima Greene
J.G. Lemmon s.n., 1887. USA. California. San Luis Obispo Co., Lemmon's Ranch.
Approximate Locality (Lemmon's Ranch was near Cholame, CA according to David Keil, OBI herbarium): 35.7239, -120.2973
   Syntype: GH00096043.
Courtesy of the Harvard University Herbaria

Cryptantha hispidissima
D.F. Howe 4230, 21 May 1966 (SDSU05417)
USA: California, Santa Barbara Co.
34.707, -120.486, ca. 116 meters

SDSU20254 specimen SDSU20266 specimen
Cryptantha hispidissima
M.G. Simpson 3697, 9 June 2012 (SDSU20254, SDSU20266)
USA: California, San Luis Obispo Co.
35.05402 -120.59753, 36 meters

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