Cryptantha gayi

Cryptantha gayi I.M.Johnston

Contr. Gray Herb. 78: 71 (1927)

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Possible synonym of Cryptantha phaceloides (Close) Reiche

Cryp-tán-tha  gày-i
after Claudio (Claude) Gay (1800-1873), French botanist and naturalist who studied in Chile
None / Nunca
C. Gay 1621 [1921, sensu Johnston 1927], Oct 1836, CHILE: Prov. Coquimbo, Arqueros
   Holotype: SGO000004024
   Note: Type probably confused with Cryptantha phaceloides. See Johnston 1927.

Distribution / Distribución:
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Cryptantha gayi
F. Luebert 13819,
26 Sep 2017 (BONN)
Chile: Coquimbo, Prov. Elqui, immediate E Huanta -29.85622, -70.371138 1250 meters elevation

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