Cryptantha barbigera

Cryptantha barbigera (A.Gray) Greene

Pittonia 1: 114 (1887)

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Cryp-tán-tha  bar-bí-ge-ra

Homotypic synonyms: 
   Eritrichum barbigerum
A.Gray, Syn. Fl. N. Amer. 2(1): 194. 1878 (Basionym)
   Krynitzia barbigera (A. Gray) A. Gray, Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 20: 273. 1885
Heterotypic synonym: 
   Krynitzkia mixta
M. E. Jones, Contr. W. Bot. 13: 6. 1910


Holotype: C. C. Parry 171, 1874, USA: Utah; GH00097673 [Note: Designated as the type by Johnston 1925.]
   [Note: E. Palmer s.n., 1876, USA: southeast California to Arizona; GH00097674 also listed as a type.]

Johnston's 1925 treament

Jepson eFlora treament

Key to varieties:

   Corolla limb 0.5–2.5(3) mm in diameter ........................... C. barbigera var. barbigera

   Corolla limb (2)3–9 mm in diameter ........................... C. barbigera var. fergusoniae

Distribution of two varieties:
LEFT: Cryptantha barbigera var. barbigera. RIGHT: Cryptantha barbigera var. fergusoniae.
Kartesz, J.T., The Biota of North America Program (BONAP). 2012. North American Plant Atlas (
Chapel Hill, N.C. [maps generated from Kartesz, J.T. 2010. Floristic Synthesis of North America, Version 1.0. Biota of North America Program (BONAP). (in press)].
Y: Dark green=present in state; Yellow=present in county, rare. Accessed 8 Jan 2013.

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