The approximately known and accepted 59 species and 70 minimally ranked taxa
of North American Cryptantha s.s.
[ = also in South America.]

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Johnston's 1925 Treatment


Cryptantha affinis (A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha albida (Kunth) I. M. Johnston 

Cryptantha ambigua (A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha barbigera (A. Gray) Greene
   var. barbigera
   var. fergusoniae J.F. Macbride
Cryptantha clevelandii Greene
Cryptantha clokeyi I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha corollata (I. M. Johnston) I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha crassisepala (Torrey & A. Gray) Greene
   var. crassisepala
   var. elachantha I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha crinita Greene
Cryptantha cycloptera (Greene) Greene 
Cryptantha decipiens (M. E. Jones) A. Heller
Cryptantha dissita I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha dumetorum (Greene ex A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha echinella Greene
Cryptantha excavata Brandegee
Cryptantha fendleri (A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha flaccida (Douglas ex Lehmann) Greene
Cryptantha foliosa (Greene) Greene
Cryptantha ganderi I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha geohintonii B.L. Turner
Cryptantha glomeriflora Greene
Cryptantha gracilis Osterhout
Cryptantha grandiflora Rydberg
Cryptantha gypsites I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha hispidissima Greene
Cryptantha hispidula Greene ex Brand
Cryptantha hooveri I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha incana Greene
Cryptantha intermedia (A. Gray) Greene 
  var. hendersonii (A. Nelson) Jepson & Hoover
  var. johnstonii J.F. Macbride
  var. intermedia
Cryptantha juniperensis R.B. Kelley & M.G. Simpson
Cryptantha kelseyana Greene
Cryptantha leiocarpa (Fischer & C. A. Meyer) Greene

Cryptantha mariposae I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha maritima (Greene) Greene 

   var. cedrosensis (Greene) I. M. Johnston
   var. maritima
   var. pilosa I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha martirensis M. G. Simpson & Rebman
Cryptantha mexicana I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha microstachys (Greene ex A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha milobakeri I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha minima Rydberg
Cryptantha mohavensis (Greene) Greene
Cryptantha muricata (Hooker & Arnott) A. Nelson & J. F. Macbride
   var. denticulata (Greene) I. M. Johnston
   var. jonesii (A. Gray) I. M. Johnston
   var. muricata
Cryptantha nemaclada Greene
Cryptantha nevadensis A. Nelson & P. B. Kennedy
Cryptantha oxygona (A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha patula Greene
Cryptantha pterocarya (Torrey) Greene 
  var. pterocarya
  var. purpusii Jepson
  var. stenoloba I.M. Johnston
Cryptantha rattanii Greene
Cryptantha recurvata Coville
Cryptantha rostellata (Greene) Greene
Cryptantha scoparia A. Nelson
Cryptantha simulans Greene
Cryptantha sparsiflora (Greene) Greene
Cryptantha spithamaea I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha texana Greene
Cryptantha torreyana (A. Gray) Greene
   var. pumila (A. Heller) I. M. Johnston
   var. torreyana
Cryptantha traskiae I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha utahensis (A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha watsonii (A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha wigginsii I. M. Johnston

Cryptantha pattersonii Greene
[Note: taxon questionable]
Cryptantha ramosissima Greene

Cryptantha sp. nov.

Eremocarya (1 species)
Cryptantha micrantha
(Torrey) I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha micrantha var. lepida (A. Gray) I. M. Johnston

Greeneocharis [Piptocalyx] (2 species)
Cryptantha circumscissa
(Hooker & Arnott) I. M. Johnston
   var. circumscissa
   var. rosulata J.T. Howell
Cryptantha similis K. Mathew & P.H. Raven

Johnstonella (11 species in N. Am.; 2 species in S. Am.)
Cryptantha angelica
I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha angustifolia (Torrey) Greene
Cryptantha costata Brandegee  
Cryptantha echinosepala J. F. MacBride
Cryptantha fastigiata I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha grayi (Vasey & Rose) Macbride 
   var. cryptochaeta I. M. Johnston
   var. grayi  
   var. nesiotica I. M. Johnston 
Cryptantha holoptera (A. Gray) J. F. Macbride
Cryptantha inaequata I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha micromeres (A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha pusilla (Torrey & A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha racemosa (S. Watson ex A. Gray) Greene

Oreocarya (63 species)
Cryptantha abata
I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha aperta (Eastwood) Payson
Cryptantha atwoodii Higgins
Cryptantha bakeri (Greene) Payson
Cryptantha barnebyi I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha breviflora (Osterhout) Payson
Cryptantha caespitosa (A. Nelson) Payson
Cryptantha cana (A. Nelson) Payson
Cryptantha capitata (Eastwood) I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha celosioides (Eastwood) Payson
Cryptantha cinerea (Greene) Cronquist
Cryptantha compacta Higgins
Cryptantha confertiflora (Greene) Payson
Cryptantha crassipes I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha creutzfeldtii S. L. Welsh
Cryptantha crymophila I. M. Johnston 
Cryptantha elata (Eastwood) Payson
Cryptantha flava (A. Nelson) Payson
Cryptantha flavoculata (A. Nelson) Payson
Cryptantha fulvocanescens (S. Watson) Payson
Cryptantha grahamii I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha gypsophila Reveal & C. R. Broome
Cryptantha hoffmannii I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha humilis (A. Gray) Payson
Cryptantha hypsophila I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha insolita (J.F.Macbr.) Payson
Cryptantha interrupta (Greene) Payson
Cryptantha johnstonii Higgins
Cryptantha jonesiana (Payson) Payson
Cryptantha leucophaea (Douglas) Payson
Cryptantha longiflora (A. Nelson) Payson
Cryptantha mensana (M. E. Jones) Payson
Cryptantha nubigena (Greene) Payson
Cryptantha oblata (M. E. Jones) Payson
Cryptantha ochroleuca Higgins
Cryptantha osterhoutii (Payson) Payson
Cryptantha palmeri (A. Gray) Payson
Cryptantha paradoxa (A. Nelson) Payson
Cryptantha paysonii (J. F. Macbride) I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha propria (A. Nelson & J. F. Macbride) Payson
Cryptantha rollinsii I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha roosiorum Munz  
Cryptantha rugulosa (Payson) Payson
Cryptantha salmonensis (A. Nelson & J. F. MacBride) Payson
Cryptantha schoolcraftii Tiehm
Cryptantha semiglabra Barneby
Cryptantha sericea (A. Gray) Payson
Cryptantha setosissima (A. Gray) Payson
Cryptantha shackletteana Higgins
Cryptantha sobolifera Payson
Cryptantha spiculifera (Piper) Payson
Cryptantha stricta (Osterhout) Payson
Cryptantha subcapitata Dorn & Lichvar
Cryptantha subretusa I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha tenuis (Eastwood) Payson
Cryptantha thompsonii I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha thrysiflora (Greene) Payson
Cryptantha tumulosa (Payson) Payson
Cryptantha virgata (Porter) Payson
Cryptantha virginensis (M. E. Jones) Payson
Cryptantha weberi I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha welshii K.H.Thorne & L.C.Higgins
Cryptantha wetherillii (Eastman) Payson

=Eremocarya micrantha (Torrey) Greene
=Eremocarya lepida (A. Gray) Greene

=Greeneocharis circumscissa (Hook. & Arn.) Rydberg
   =G. c. var. circumscissa
   =G. c. var. rosulata (J.T. Howell) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson
=Greeneocharis similis (K. Mathew & P.H. Raven) Hasenstab & M. G. Simpson

=Johnstonella angelica (I.M. Johnst.) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson
=Johnstonella angustifolia (Torr.) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson   
=Johnstonella costata (Brandegee) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson   
=Johnstonella echinosepala (J.F. Macbr.) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson
=Johnstonella fastigiata (I.M. Johnst.) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson   
=Johnstonella grayi (Vasey & Rose) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson
     =J. g. var. grayi
     =J. g. var. cryptochaeta (J.F. MacBr.) Hasenstab & M. G. Simpson
     =J. g. var. nesiotica (I.M. Johnst.) Hasenstab & M. G. Simpson
=Johnstonella holoptera (A. Gray) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson   
=Johnstonella inaequata (I.M. Johnst.) Brand   
=Johnstonella micromeres (A. Gray) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson
=Johnstonella pusilla (Torr. & A. Gray) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson 
=Johnstonella racemosa (A. Gray) Brand

=Oreocarya depressa (M.E. Jones) J.F. Macbr.  
=Oreocarya aperta Eastw. 
=Oreocarya atwoodii (L.C. Higgins) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson
=Oreocarya bakeri Greene  
=Oreocarya barnebyi (I.M. Johnst.) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson  
=Oreocarya breviflora Osterh.  
=Oreocarya caespitosa A. Nelson  
=Oreocarya cana A. Nelson  
=Oreocarya capitata Eastw.  
=Oreocarya celosioides Eastw.  
=Oreocarya suffruticosa (Torr.) Greene var. suffruticosa  
=Oreocarya compacta (L.C. Higgins) R. B. Kelley  
=Oreocarya confertiflora Greene  
=Oreocarya crassipes (I.M. Johnst.) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson  
=Oreocarya creutzfeldtii (S.L. Welsh) R. B. Kelley  
=Oreocarya crymophila (I.M. Johnst.) Jeps. & Hoover  
=Oreocarya elata Eastw.  
=Oreocarya flava A. Nelson  
=Oreocarya flavoculata A. Nelson 
=Oreocarya fulvocanescens (S. Wats.) Greene var. fulvocanescens  
=Oreocarya grahamii (I.M. Johnst.) R.B. Kelley  
Oreocarya revealii W.A. Weber & R.Cryptantha Wittmann    
=Oreocarya hoffmannii (I.M. Johnst.) Abrams  
=Oreocarya humilis (A. Gray) Greene subsp. humilis  
=Oreocarya hypsophila (I.M. Johnst.) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson  
=Oreocarya insolita J.F.Macbr.
=Oreocarya interrupta Greene  
=Oreocarya johnstonii (L.C. Higgins) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson  
=Oreocarya jonesiana Payson  
=Oreocarya leucophaea (Douglas) Greene  
=Oreocarya longiflora A. Nelson  
=Oreocarya mensana (M. E. Jones) Payson  
=Oreocarya nubigena Greene  
=Oreocarya oblata (M.E. Jones) J.F. Macbr.  
=Oreocarya ochroleuca (L.C. Higgins) R.B. Kelley  
=Oreocarya osterhoutii Payson  
=Oreocarya palmeri (A. Gray) Greene  
=Oreocarya paradoxa A. Nelson  
=Oreocarya paysonii J.F. Macbr.  
=Oreocarya propria A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr.  
=Oreocarya rollinsii (I.M. Johnst.) W.A. Weber  
=Oreocarya roosiorum (Munz) R.B. Kelley, Hasenstab, & M.G. Simpson  
=Oreocarya rugulosa Payson  
=Oreocarya salmonensis A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr.  
=Oreocarya schoolcraftii (Tiehm) R.B. Kelley  
=Oreocarya semiglabra (Barneby) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson  
=Oreocarya sericea Greene  
=Oreocarya setosissima (A. Gray) Greene  
=Oreocarya shackletteana (L.C. Higgins) R.B. Kelley  
=Oreocarya sobolifera (Payson) R.B. Kelley  
=Oreocarya spiculifera Piper  
=Oreocarya stricta Osterh.  
=Oreocarya subcapitata (Dorn & Lichvar) R.B. Kelley  
=Oreocarya subretusa (I.M. Johnst.) Abrams  
=Oreocarya tenuis Eastw.  
=Oreocarya thompsonii (I.M. Johnst.) Abrams  
=Oreocarya thyrsiflora Greene  
=Oreocarya tumulosa Payson  
=Oreocarya virgata (Porter) Greene  
=Oreocarya virginensis (M.E. Jones) J.F. Macbr.  
=Oreocarya weberi (I.M. Johnst.) W.A. Weber
Oreocarya welshii (K.H.Thorne & L.C.Higgins) R.B. Kelley  
=Oreocarya wetherillii Eastw.