The 45 known species of Cryptantha s.s. found in California
[ = also in South America.]

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Cryptantha affinis (A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha ambigua (A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha barbigera (A. Gray) Greene
   var. barbigera
   var. fergusoniae J.F. Macbride
Cryptantha clevelandii Greene
   var. clevelandii
   var. florosa I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha clokeyi I. M. Johnston  1B.1
Cryptantha corollata (I. M. Johnston) I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha crinita Greene  1B.2
Cryptantha cycloptera (Greene) Greene 
Cryptantha decipiens (M. E. Jones) A. Heller
Cryptantha dissita I. M. Johnston  1B.1  BE/SI
Cryptantha dumetorum (Greene ex A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha echinella Greene
Cryptantha excavata Brandegee  1B.3  WI
Cryptantha fendleri (A. Gray) Greene 2.3
Cryptantha flaccida (Douglas ex Lehmann) Greene  
Cryptantha ganderi I. M. Johnston  1B.1
Cryptantha glomeriflora Greene  4.3
Cryptantha gracilis Osterhout
Cryptantha hispidula Greene ex Brand  SE
Cryptantha hooveri I. M. Johnston  1A
Cryptantha incana Greene  
Cryptantha intermedia (A. Gray) Greene  WI/IN
   var. hendersonii (A. Nelson) Jepson & Hoover
   var. intermedia
Cryptantha leiocarpa (Fischer & C. A. Meyer) Greene
Cryptantha mariposae I. M. Johnston  1B.3  SE
Cryptantha maritima (Greene) Greene 
   var. maritima
   var. pilosa I. M. Johnston

Cryptantha microstachys (Greene ex A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha milobakeri I. M. Johnston  
Cryptantha mohavensis (Greene) Greene
Cryptantha muricata (Hooker & Arnott) A. Nelson & J. F. Macbride
   var. denticulata (Greene) I. M. Johnston
   var. jonesii (A. Gray) I. M. Johnston
   var. muricata
Cryptantha nemaclada Greene
Cryptantha nevadensis A. Nelson & P. B. Kennedy
   var. nevadensis
   var. rigida I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha oxygona (A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha pterocarya (Torrey) Greene 
  var. pterocarya
  var. purpusii Jepson
  var. stenoloba I.M. Johnston
Cryptantha rattanii Greene
Cryptantha recurvata Coville
Cryptantha rostellata (Greene) Greene
Cryptantha scoparia A. Nelson  4.3
Cryptantha simulans Greene
Cryptantha sparsiflora (Greene) Greene
Cryptantha spithamaea I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha torreyana (A. Gray) Greene
   var. pumila (A. Heller) I. M. Johnston
   var. torreyana
Cryptantha traskiae I. M. Johnston  1B.2
Cryptantha utahensis (A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha watsonii (A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha wigginsii I. M. Johnston 
(recently discovered in S. California)

Cryptantha ramosissima Greene
Cryptantha ramulosissima A. Nelson

Cryptantha sp. nov.

California Native Plant Society (CNPS) Inventory Listings
1A = California endemic, presumed extinct
1B = Rare, threatened, or endangered in California and elsewhere
2 = Rare, threatened, or endangered in California, but more
common elsewhere
3 = review list (they need more information to list or not)
4 = Limited distribution (Watch List)
.1 = Seriously endangered in California (over 80% of occurrences threatened / high degree
        and immediacy of threat)
.2 = Fairly endangered in California (20-80% occurrences threatened)
.3 = Not very endangered in California (<20% of occurrences threatened or no current
threats known)

Plant Taxa with High Affinity to Ultramafic Substrates in California:
BE/SI = Broad Endemic/Strong Indicator
SE = Strong Endemic
SI = Strong Indicator
WI = Weak Indicator
WI/IN = Weak Indicator/Indifferent

(after Safford, H.D., J.H. Vires, and S.P. Harrison. 2005. Serpentine Endemism in the California Flora: A Database of Serpentine Affinity. Madroño 52:222-257)

Eremocarya (1 species total, in California)
Cryptantha micrantha
(Torrey) I. M. Johnston
   var. lepida (A. Gray) I. M. Johnston
var. micrantha

Greeneocharis (2 species, both in California)
Cryptantha circumscissa
(Hooker & Arnott) I. M. Johnston
   var. circumscissa
   var. rosulata J.T. Howell
Cryptantha similis K. Mathew & P.H. Raven

Johnstonella (6 species in California)
Cryptantha angustifolia
(Torrey) Greene
Cryptantha costata Brandegee  
Cryptantha holoptera (A. Gray) J. F. Macbride
Cryptantha inaequata I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha micromeres (A. Gray) Greene
Cryptantha racemosa (S. Watson ex A. Gray) Greene

Oreocarya (13 species in California)
Cryptantha celosioides (Eastwood) Payson
Cryptantha cinerea (Greene) Cronquist
Cryptantha confertiflora (Greene) Payson
Cryptantha crymophila I. M. Johnston 
Cryptantha flavoculata (A. Nelson) Payson
Cryptantha hoffmannii I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha humilis (A. Gray) Payson
Cryptantha nubigena (Greene) Payson
Cryptantha roosiorum Munz  
Cryptantha schoolcraftii Tiehm
Cryptantha subretusa I. M. Johnston
Cryptantha tumulosa (Payson) Payson
Cryptantha virginensis (M. E. Jones) Payson

=Eremocarya micrantha (Torrey) Greene
   =E. micrantha var. lepida (A. Gray) J. F. Macbr.
   =E. micrantha var. micrantha

=Greeneocharis circumscissa (Hook. & Arn.) Rydberg
   =G. c. var. circumscissa
   =G. c. var. rosulata (J.T. Howell) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson
=Greeneocharis similis (K. Mathew & P.H. Raven) Hasenstab & M. G. Simpson

=Johnstonella angustifolia (Torr.) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson   
=Johnstonella costata (Brandegee) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson   
=Johnstonella holoptera (A. Gray) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson   
=Johnstonella inaequata (I.M. Johnst.) Brand   
=Johnstonella micromeres (A. Gray) Hasenstab & M.G. Simpson
=Johnstonella racemosa (A. Gray) Brand

=Oreocarya celosioides Eastw.  
=Oreocarya suffruticosa (Torr.) Greene var. suffruticosa  
=Oreocarya confertiflora Greene  
=Oreocarya crymophila (I.M. Johnst.) Jeps. & Hoover  
=Oreocarya flavoculata A. Nelson 
=Oreocarya hoffmannii (I.M. Johnst.) Abrams  
=Oreocarya humilis (A. Gray) Greene subsp. humilis  
=Oreocarya nubigena Greene  
=Oreocarya roosiorum (Munz) R.B. Kelley, Hasenstab, & M.G. Simpson  
=Oreocarya schoolcraftii (Tiehm) R.B. Kelley  
=Oreocarya subretusa (I.M. Johnst.) Abrams  
=Oreocarya tumulosa Payson  
=Oreocarya virginensis (M.E. Jones) J.F. Macbr.