Andersonglossum J.I. Cohen
Syst. Bot. 40(2): 617. 2015

After William R. Anderson (1942-2013) + L. glossum, tongue
Cynoglossum L.
Andersonglossum virginianum (L.) J. I. Cohen

Species (3):

Key (after Jiménez-Mejías, P., J. I. Cohen, and R. F. C. Naczi. 2017. Phytotaxa 295: 22-34.)

Corolla purple to red; style > 4 mm ...... Andersonglossum occidentale

Corolla blue to white; style < 3.5 mm

      Nutlets 3.5–5 mm long; calyx lobes 1.5–3 mm long (from the pedicel insertion point to the apices of the lobes); corolla 2.5–6.3(7.6) mm wide ...... A. boreale

      Nutlets 5–8.7 mm long, calyx lobes 2–5 mm, slightly accrescent up to 6.2 mm in fruit; corolla 6–12(16) mm wide ...... Andersonglossum virginianum