Be sure to read the instructions completely before starting on the SDSU McNair Scholars Program Application.

  • Application – Type, do not print the application information when you fill it out. As with all applications it is considered "bad form" not to type. Make sure it is completely filled out, no blank spaces (N/A where applicable).

  • Letter of interest – This cover letter should include a description of educational and career goals. Answer the question "Why do you want a Ph.D.?"

  • Short biography – The biography should include highlights from your life, the events leading to where you are today, and those that will continue to influence you in the future.

  • College transcripts - These do not need to be official; they may be photocopies but must be current. Transcripts from all of the higher education institutions you have attended are needed. This is true for all applications that request transcripts. Keep copies of all of your transcripts in your files for future applications.

  • Proof of current enrollment - If you have transcripts from SDSU for the current semester, they will show that you are currently enrolled in classes and can be used as proof of enrollment. You may request a proof of enrollment from the Admissions Office.

  • Letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your academic work (e. g., faculty member). When you request a letter of recommendation you should inform your letter writer that you are applying to the McNair Scholars Program. If there are any questions about the program, contact Veronica Bejar or Katya Macias at 619-594-1473.

  • Latest completed income tax form or "Financial Aid Verification for McNair Scholars Program" (complete and hand in at the Financial Aid office).

  • Staple (upper left-hand corner) your application materials together with the Application placed on top.

Download the required forms here and follow the instructions listed above when filling out the application:

Application Form 
Financial Aid Verificatoion Form

Send emails to
with questions or comments.