San Diego State University Mathematics Research Experience for Undergraduates

This form is to help judge the suitability of an applicant for a summer enrichment experience in the mathematical sciences. All materials (including these recommendations) are due by Friday, March 2, 2018. Kindly answer the questions as accurately as possible; they are of critical importance in making our selections and we rely on your judgement. Expository comments are only of secondary importance; if you insist on sending only a letter, you may do so to Vadim Ponomarenko; however letters that do not address the below questions may serve to the detriment of the student.
We accept approximately 3% of our applicants.

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Please indicate the highest degree in mathematics offered by the applicant's current institution.

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Please rate this applicant's intellectual ability in the mathematical sciences, as compared to all sophomore/junior mathematics majors in the United States. Note that the scale is not linear.

Please rate the expected impact that participation in a program such as this would have on the applicant's career and life.

Please comment on the applicant's potential to work in a group environment, based on your personal experience.

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Upon successful submission you should receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided above. If you do not (check your spam folder), please contact the program director .