Head shot of Daniel Delgado

Daniel Delgado

Environmental Engineering

Faculty Mentor: Temesgen Garoma

Daniel Delgado was appointed as a MARC fellow June 2016. His major is Environmental Engineering specializing in biofuels. His current project, under the direction of Dr. Temesgen Garoma, is in the use of Effluent for algal biomass cultivation thereby reusing and further treating waste water and producing energy. Daniel plans to pursue a Ph.D. in biofuels of waste water treatment, preferably a combination of both. Ultimately he would like to research and develop ways to increase access to clean water and energy around the world.

PROJECT TITLE: A Novel Water and Energy Saving Strategy – the Use of Primary Effluent for Algal Biomass Cultivation


Eric Gonzalez Headshot

Eric Gonzalez


Faculty Mentor: Christal Sohl

Eric Gonzalez was appointed as a MARC fellow in August 2015. His major is Chemistry with an emphasis in Biochemistry, and he is conducting research in the Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Laboratory under the direction of  Dr. Christal Sohl. His current research involves exploring the mechanistic consequences of mutations in isocitrate dehydrogenase that are implicated in gliomas and leukemias. Eric has participated in the Pre-MARC Science Enrichment Program, UT Southwestern Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, and the UCSF Summer Research Training Program. He co-founded the student organization Chemistry Without Borders which aims to increase access to hands-on science activities among underserved communities and currently acts as president. In the future, Eric aims to earn a Ph.D. in Chemical Biology and run a lab of his own, where he will mentor, teach and conduct research.

PROJECT TITLE: Molecular Mechanisms of Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Mutations


Alexandra Mallory Headshot

Alexandra Mallory

Aerospace Engineering

Faculty Mentor: Satchi Venkataraman

Alexandra Mallory was appointed as a MARC scholar in June 2015. Her major is Aerospace Engineering specializing in Aerospace Structures. Her current project is automating finite element analysis models of bolted joint composites in ABAQUSTM. She is conducting this project in Dr. Satchi Venkataraman’s Aerospace Structures Lab. Upon graduation, Alexandra plans to pursue a doctorate degree in aerospace structures. In the future, she would like to work at NASA or as a researcher at a private company.

PROJECT TITLE: Automatic Analysis of Composite Test Specimens in ABAQUS


Jeremea Songco headshot

Jeremea Songco


Faculty Mentor: Claire Murphy

Jeremea “Mea” Songco was appointed as a MARC fellow in July 2016. Her major is Psychology with a minor in English, Fine Arts. She is currently conducting research under Dr. Claire Murphy at the Lifespan Human Senses Lab. After completing her undergraduate career, she plans on pursing a doctoral degree in Experimental or Clinical Psychology, exploring the role culture plays in the relationship between the brain and human behavior.


Grant Varnau Headshot

Grant Varnau


Faculty Mentor: William Tong

Grant Varnau was appointed a MARC fellow September 2015. His major is Physics with a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies. He spent the summer of 2016 working at Vanderbilt University characterizing and fabricating VO2 single crystals to study the dynamic evolution of the mM and R phases. Currently he works with Dr. William Tong of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department on TATP and RDX explosives detection utilizing non-linear optical methods. Grant plans to pursue his Ph.D. in Physics with an emphasis in ultrafast and nonlinear optics. He hopes to pursue a career in research through national laboratories or academia.

PROJECT TITLE: Multi-photon Nonlinear Laser Methods for Sensitive Detection of Chem/Bio Agents