Sobel-Fox, R. S., McSorley, A. M., Roesch, S. C., Malcarne, V. L., Hawes, S. M., & Sadler, G. R. (2013). Assessment of daily and weekly fatigue among cancer survivors. Journal of Psychosocial Oncology, 31, 413-429.

This investigation evaluates two common measures of cancer-related fatigue, one multidimensional/retrospective and one unidimensional/same day. Fifty-two African American survivors of diverse cancers completed fatigue visual analogue scales once daily, and the Multidimensional Fatigue Symptom Inventory-Short Form (MFSI-SF) once weekly, for four weeks. Zero-order correlations showed retrospective fatigue was significantly related to average, peak, and most recent same-day fatigue. Multilevel random coefficient modeling showed unidimensional fatigue shared the most variance with the MFSI-SF's General subscale for three weeks, and with the Vigor subscale for one week. Researchers and clinicians may wish to prioritize multidimensional measures when assessing cancer-related fatigue, if appropriate.

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