Jensen, L. G., Nakaji, M., Harry, K. M., Gallegos, N., Malcarne, V. L., & Sadler, G. R.  (2013). Ovarian cancer: Deaf and hearing women’s knowledge before and after an educational video. Journal of Cancer Education, 28, 647-655.

Members of the Deaf community report language and cultural barriers to accessing health information and care. This study evaluated whether an ovarian cancer education video in American Sign Language with English captioning and voice-over could close the anticipated knowledge gap between Deaf and hearing women's cancer knowledge. Consented Deaf (n = 55) and hearing (n = 52) women's General, Ovarian, and Total Cancer Knowledge were assessed before and after viewing the video. At baseline, hearing women demonstrated significantly higher General, Ovarian, and Total Cancer Knowledge scores than Deaf women. By the post-test, all of Deaf women's knowledge scores had increased, closing the baseline gap. However, hearing women's post-video knowledge had also increased, thereby creating a new knowledge gap. The ovarian cancer education video offers an effective method to increase ovarian and general cancer knowledge for Deaf and hearing women.

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