When I’m not teaching classes, writing papers or grant proposals, working with graduate students, attending meetings, reviewing papers, eating or sleeping, I like to get involved in projects that blend science with art and/or music, generally for educational purposes (though really for fun).

Musical Greenhouse

Pi Day

Root Rhapsody

Microbial Knot

Soil Blind

Climate Jam: Transforming environmental data into inaccessible, audience-hostile, algorithmically-generated  Art Musik!

Seriously, though – this is a great idea, even though NSF and NASA didn’t fund it. The reviewers thought it was a fun idea, but too risky. “There’s no proof that music improves learning.” Of course, that was our research question, but whatever.

Van Gogh’s Ear and Rainbow Room

My earliest collaboration with the great Rogalski. These were sound-light-art installations exhibited at the Shasta County Arts Council in Redding, California.