• Microbial Knot

    Microbial Knot

    This project was a collaboration with local artist and high school teacher, Jason Rogalski. This was part of the Urban Succession project, funded in part […]

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  • Soil Blind

    Soil Blind

    As part of Urban Succession, a project coordinated by Jason Rogalski and supported by a DNA of Creativity grant, I collaborated with ceramic artists, Jeremy […]

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  • Pi day

    Julian Pi Day

    On Pi-day, March 14, 2015 (that’s 3-14-15, the pi-day of the century), I had a party at my house (starting at 9:26 am) to show […]

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  • Root Rhapsody exhibit at SD Public Library

    Root Rhapsody

    David Lipson collaborated with a middle-school teacher and artist,  Jason Rogalski, in an art-science educational and public outreach activity called Root Rhapsody. First, Jason helped […]

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