San Diego State University Herbarium (SDSU)

Welcome to the SDSU Herbarium!

   The San Diego State University Herbarium (SDSU) is a depository of over 21,000 pressed and mounted plant specimens used in research and teaching. The purpose of these specimens is: 1) to serve as voucher documentation for research projects; 2) to serve as resources for plant identification; and 3) to serve as exemplars in plant courses. In addition, the herbarium both receives and provides loans of plant specimens used in active systematic research. The herbarium collection specializes in land plant specimens from San Diego County, California, and Baja California, with some collections from Australia, Chile, and the south Pacific.

SDSU is a member of:
Consortium of California Herbaria (California records only)

SEINet (all records except cultivars)

BajaFlora (Baja California and Baja California Sur, Mexico records only)

Our records are entirely databased.

A list of our specimens having herbarium voucher images and/or CalPhotos is at the SDSU HERBARIUM

   The Curator of the SDSU Herbarium is Dr. Michael Simpson, whose primary duty as curator is to oversee the maintenance, organization, and use of the collection and to facilitate additions to the herbarium.

   The Herbarium is open by appointment only, so please contact us before coming to visit SDSU. Loans of specimens are available through registered herbaria upon request.

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Contact Dr. Michael Simpson for additional information or to verify payment.

Contact Information:
Dr. Michael G. Simpson, Curator
msimpson "at"

619-594-4479, 619-594-8012