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San Diego State Greenhouse

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Welcome to the Greenhouse  

The SDSU Greenhouse is located between Life Science North and Life Science South.
The purpose of the greenhouse is to house and maintain plant collections used for teaching and research.

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Fearless leader

Highlights of the collection include

  • Tours from experienced horticulturists and plant lovers.
  • 6 unique rooms featuring different growing conditions.
  • 69 square feet of bog garden featuring dozens of exotic carnivorous plants, including Dionaea muscicula (Venus fly trap) and species of Drosera (sundews), Nepenthes (monkey cups), Pinguicula (butterworts), and Sarracenia (pitcher plants).
  • Multiple Orchid varieties ensure year round flowers!!
  • Economically significant crops including
    • Theobroma cacao, cacao (chocolate tree), bearing fruit annually
    • Manihot esculenta, manioc, the source of tapioca
    • Vanilla planifolia, vanilla orchid, from the fruits of which we get vanilla flavoring
    • Coffea arabica, the source of coffee beans

Insructional support technician
Bob Mangan protector of plants

Phone: 619-594-5435
















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