EQUIPMENT TRAINING: tutorials, software, and protocol sheets

                             Videos (password protected--contact Steve Barlow)

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Protocol Sheets
Mechanical pump  
Denton vacuum evaporator(password protected) Denton protocol
U-Tube Leica confocal video (see our protocol-we do it differently) Leica TCS SP2 confocal
  LCS Lite  Leica TCS SP2 simulator (Windows XP only)
  Leica DMRBE Upright
Formvar grid(password protected) Coating Grids protocol
  Glow Discharging Grids
Negative staining(password protected)  
Making glass knives Knifemaker
Sectioning(password protected)  
Tecnai grid loading(password protected) SDSUTecnaiUserGuide
Inserting into Tecnai(password protected) SDSUTecnaiCameraGuide
Mounting SEM samples(password protected)  
Critical Point dryer(password protected) Critical Point Dryer protocol
Hummer VI sputter coater(password protected) Hummer protocol
DentonDeskII coater(password protected) DentonDeskII protocol
HiResCoater(password protected) HiResCoater protocol
Hitachi SEM usage 1(password protected) Hitachi SEM protocol
Hitachi SEM usage 2(password protected)  
  SDSU Quanta User Guide
  3D imaging in the Quanta 450
  Oxford Inca Viewer EDS data viewer (Windows only)
  LCS Lite  Leica TCS SP2 simulator (Windows XP only)