MicroChemical Core Facility
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  DNA Core Facility News

  • We are now offering genotyping service for Microsatellite, AFLP projects, as well as SNP detection. Please prepare your samples in 96-well format if possible, especially when you have a large amount of samples.
  • Pickup schedule change:
    • Our pickup schedule for NLS within SDSU campus is 9:00am now.
  • We require a Gel Image, either by e-mail or printout, for samples to be sequenced. If you have a large amount of the samples, a few representatives will be fine. A copy of the image from your lab notebook is fine. To avoid any delay of sequencing your samples, please have the Image sent to us when placing your order.
  • We also offer PCR purification. This service is only available for samples in sequencing orders.

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