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Price Information

Sequencing Order Submission

  1. To request a sequencing reaction you must obtain an Ordering Form in one of the following three ways.
    • Obtain a form from CSL326 or LS316.
    • Download a copy of the form (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format). Include the form when you ship your samples to be sequenced, or you can email it as an attachment to: or fax the form to (619)-594-6200.
    • Request a fax of the order form. Send the request with your fax and phone numbers by e-mail or call (619) 594-1669. You can fill the form out and fax it back to (619) 594-6200. Don't forget to include your name, address and phone number.
    • Important: In order to avoid any potential typing errors, we request you to send us an electronic version of your sequence order form, if you have a large number of samples and/or samples with long names.

  2. Instructions to fill out a DNA Sequencing Order form:
    • Sample name: Please keep the name short, and no more than 20 characters if possible, otherwise the instrument may not analyze the sequence.
    • Primers: Universal, M13 forward, M13 reverse, SP6, T7, T3, and BGH reverse primers are available in our lab. For the sequences of available primers, click here. However, please label clearly if you want us to add those standard primers.
    • Put "SS" or "FS" in the column labeled as "Self-service or Full-service".

  3. Shipping address for off-campus orders:
      SDSU Foundation Receiving
      Attn: Micro Core Fac CSL-326
      4283 El Cajon Blvd. #107
      San Diego, CA 92105

Genotyping Order Submission

Obtain the order form here for either plate or individual tubes. Again, please e-mail us the e-version of your order form if you have a large amount of samples and/or samples with long names.


Updated 5/20/11

Academic Pricing:
       DNA sequencing, Full-service$15.00
       DNA sequencing, Self-service$8.00
       DNA sequencing, Self-service >=96 samples, in plates$7.00
       Genotyping (we add size standard for you)$2.70
        Genotyping (customer provides size standard)$2.50
        PCR sample purification(individual)$2.50/sample
        PCR sample purification (96-well)$275/plate
        Templiphi plasmid amplification$3.25
       96-well plasmid extraction $300/plate
Off Campus Pricing:
       DNA sequencing Full service$15.00
       DNA sequencing Self service$10.00
       DNA sequencing Self service >=96 samples, in plates$8.00
       Genotyping (we add size standard)$4.00
        Genotyping (customer provides size standard)$3.50
        PCR sample purification(individual)$3.00/sample
        PCR sample purification (96-well)$285/plate
        Templiphi plasmid amplification$3.50
       96-well plasmid extraction $325/plate

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