MicroChemical Core Facility
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96-Well Plasmid Extraction

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Core Overview

Established in 1987, the CSUPERB Microchemical Core Facility DNA Lab is located on the campus of San Diego State University and performs automated fluorescent sequencing services for student and faculty research at San Diego State University and other California State University campuses. DNA sequencing is done on the ABI Prism 3100 capillary electrophoresis DNA sequencer.

We have extensive experience sequencing PCR fragments, cosmids and lambda DNA, as well as the usual plasmid templates. We also provide custom primer design, contig assembling as well as plasmid walking services and handle large sequencing projects.

Recently we have extended our service to include genotyping, large-scale plasmid extraction as well as the Templiphi service which can amplify DNA from glycerol stock.

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