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Diving and Boating Safety Program

College of Sciences

Welcome to the Diving and Boating Safety Program's DiveWeb.

The SDSU Diving Program has been serving the needs of scientific research community for over forty years.


Mike Anghera, Diving and Boating Safety Officer

Office - CMIL



Please use the SDSU AAUS website to log all dives. If you can't access the website, please conact Mike Anghera.

Logging dives in Excel

To log your dives, you may upload them to the AAUS site using our new Excel template. Here are the brief instructions:

  1. Please download the excel template sheet.
  2. The instructions are on the first sheet. Briefly, columns in red are required, and others are optional. The format is the same as the AAUS website, so if you are not sure check with your previously logged dives. Please do not change the names of the columns.
  3. Once you have filled the sheet in, please visit the dive log upload website. Here you will be able to upload this excel sheet and your dives will be logged.
  4. You can keep adding dives to this excel sheet, and uploading them. Duplicate dives will not be logged, so you can upload the dives more than once without worrying about it.