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"The Math Specialist Program was a superb blend of pedagogy and application. I learned practical teaching strategies which could be implemented the following day in class. I also learned the theories involved in those teaching strategies which made implementation intuitive.

All of the professors were outstanding in their teaching style, support, clarification, and content knowledge. Clearly they modeled the teaching and learning styles we were to implement in our classrooms.

Another success is providing a framework for all of us which supports professional collaboration, planning, and reflective analysis. Thumbs up to San Diego Unified for providing outstanding professional development for mathematics."

Rebecca Clark


"Being able to participate in the math PDC enabled me to meet several teachers from other schools dealing with the same issues and struggles while teaching and learning mathematics. I shared and learned many new techniques on assessing, planning, reflecting, and perfecting the way I teach Math to my students. Thanks to the program's learning experiences I was able to get my students to develop a passion in math and to learn math like they never before had. A more fun, interesting, different,and challenging "cool" way of making sense of mathematics."

Carlos Ramirez
Encanto Academic Academy


"For the 2002/2003 school year I was aware that the mathematics content and pedagogy I received from the Math Specialist Program truly enriched my teaching in the classroom. I would often consult the helpful and organized binders prepared and supplied by the instructors throughout the program as an excellent resource for my teaching and in preparing professional development. All of the instructors are exceptional. They modeled their instruction around what a learning environment should look like. The coursework is not easy; however, just as we do in our classrooms, (giving feedback, extra help/time, teaching in a different way) so do the instructors in the program. I did not realize how much more I needed to learn in geometry until I took the Branca's Geometry Seminar in the summer of 2002. For a teacher that wants to see their students make rapid progress with a deeper understanding of mathematics, I highly recommend the Math Specialist Program."

Alice Linskey-Hire
Gage Elementary
4th grade self-contained classroom



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