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Upcoming Presentations for the year of 2010
(ordered from furthest in the future at the top to nearest in the future at the bottom)

Annual meeting of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, St. Louis , MO: April 26 - 29, 2006

  • “Multiplication and division of fractions: Thinking more deeply” (Nadine Bezuk and Steve Klass).
  • “Rebuilding the foundation for fraction understanding: Preparing students to meet the Standards” (Nadine Bezuk, Steve Klass and Sharon Moore).
  • “Facets of professional development: One size does not fit all” (Jane Gawronski, Steve Klass, and Karen Payne).

Annual meeting of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, St. Louis, MO: April 23-25, 2006

  • “Multiple perspectives on professional development for high quality teaching and classroom practice in elementary schools” (Steve Klass, Jane Gawronski and Sharon Moore).


  • “Multiplication and division of fractions: Thinking more deeply” (Nadine Bezuk and Steve Klass).
  • “Linear Measurement” (Tanya Vik).

Annual meeting of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, Tampa, FL: Jan 26 - 29, 2006

  • “Becoming an AMTE-affiliated group: Learning from experience ” (Nadine Bezuk, Claran Einfeldt, Tamas Szabo, Gladis Kersaint, Carol Fry Bohlin, and Hari Koirala).

Hawaii International Conference on Education,
Honolulu, HI: January 6 - 9, 2006

  • “Using children's thinking in an elementary mathematics methods course: Issues related to teaching” (Nadine Bezuk).


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