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Home > About Us > Staff Biographies > Dr. Nadine Bezuk

Dr. Nadine Bezuk
PDC Co-director
Professor of Mathematics Education, School of Teacher Education

Nadine was one of the founders of the Professional Development Collaborative. She worked with others to design the Mathematical Specialist Certificate Program (MSCP), and the courses that were part of this program. She is currently one the co-directors or the PDC, and the Teacher Education advisor for the MSCP. Nadine is the former Interim Director of the SDSU School of Teacher Education.

Nadine has taught mathematics in Grades K-12 and university courses in teacher education and mathematics. Her interests focus on helping prospective teachers and practicing teachers enhance their mathematics teaching, particularly the teaching of rational numbers. She has published many articles and books on mathematics education and is a regular speaker at mathematics education conferences.

Nadine enjoys cooking and knitting, and has recently taken up racquetball, and enjoys playing a version with rules designed by her family.





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