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As a school administrator, you probably have a different set of questions about PDC than your teachers do. That's why this page was designed just for administrators like you! Read on to find out a little bit about who we are, why PDC was created, and what we do.

If you still have questions when you are finished, please visit our FAQs page or Contact Us.

What is the PDC?
The SDSU Professional Development Collaborative was formed in 2000 to provide a variety of professional education programs to mathematics and science teachers in San Diego County. We offer teachers the opportunity to reexamine and develop a deeper understanding of the mathematics and science concepts they teach at their various levels, and to enhance their teaching of these concepts. We are also conduct research on teacher change, student learning, effects of curricula, and the interrelations among these three elements, and sharing our findings with the research community and with other professional developers.

Who is the PDC?
PDC staff include outstanding instructors, Teachers in Residence, researchers, SDSU faculty, and professional development leaders. All PDC Instructional Staff have K-12 classroom teaching experience.

Why should teachers attend your programs?
Teachers who complete PDC programs learn more about mathematics and/or science teaching, deepen their content knowledge, enhance their teaching effectiveness, and often provide leadership at their school and/or district.

What's in it for them?
PDC programs help teachers become mathematics and/or science leaders at their sites and districts.

What's in it for the school?

  • Effective math teachers
  • Professional development driven by state standards
  • Focus on mathematics
  • Teachers who are leaders in the area of mathematics
  • Improved strategies for teaching and assessment of students

What programs can I send my teachers to?
Check out our programs on the Current Programs page.

Who to contact for custom workshops?
Contact Dr. Nadine Bezuk at or at 619-594-3971.

What are the costs?
Fees are subject to change from year to year as evaluated by the University's College of Extended Studies.

Will teachers be off the job if they attend a PDC program?
No. Classes meet in the summer and late afternoon/evenings during the school year.

What are the measurable results of this program?
Program participants have shown significant increases in their mathematics content knowledge and knowledge of mathematics pedagogy. Schools with large numbers of program participants have shown higher gains in mathematics achievement than other schools. For more detail go to our Program Results page.

What programs has PDC offered in the past?
In mathematics, we’ve offered programs for elementary and middle school teachers. In science, we’ve offered programs for physics teachers.



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