A Conversation With the Founders of Cognitively Guided Instruction

At the CGI biennial meeting in 2009, Tom Carpenter and Elizabeth Fennema were interviewed about their perspectives on a variety of issues related to Cognitively Guided Instruction. Here are some highlights from that session.

What is CGI?

Describe the original CGI study.

CGI teachers are concerned about the effects of sending their students on to a non-CGI classroom. Do you have any thoughts about that?


Reflections from CGI Teachers

At the CGI biennial meeting in 2009, some CGI teachers were interviewed about their CGI experience. Here are some highlights from those interviews.

The Process of Becoming a CGI Teacher: Teachers Need Freedom to Construct Their Learning Just Like Children Do

What Collegial Support is Needed to Become a CGI Teacher?

An Approach to CGI Professional Development?

Preparing Students for Testing

CGI in a Full-Inclusion Class

Teaching the Multi-digit Addition Algorithm

Giving a Teacher Back Her Soul



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