News Feature
November 11, 2010
By Stanley Maloy / Doug Grotjahn

Capturing Sunlight, Storing Hydrogen Energy

Dr. Doug Grotjahn

Part of the research of Professor Doug Grotjahn was recently highlighted at a Cleantech Technology Showcase at UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering.  Grotjahn's research was one of three out of 13 topics receiving a $50,000 grant for development of catalysts for making hydrogen from water. The goal is a revolutionary technology which would capture sunlight and store the energy as hydrogen, without making or using electricity, carbon-containing fossil fuels or carbon dioxide. Funds for the San Diego Cleantech Innovation and Commercialization Program awards were provided by the City of San Diego, Sempra Energy, and the Kaufmann Foundation. At the Cleantech event San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and Sempra Energy President and CEO Debra Reed spoke of the excitement of helping foster an emerging clean energy economy and research here in San Diego, with innovations at SDSU and other universities and companies.

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