News Feature
October 14, 2009
By Eric Ackerman

The College of Sciences Recognizes
our Staff's Service Accomplishments

Staff sitting in bleachers at Tony Gwynn
The bleachers at Tony Gwynn Stadium were full of colleagues cheering on Staff Awards honorees.

35-Year Awardee
Mark Flahan, Sciences Deans Office

30-Year Awardees
Le Roy Lafferty, Chemistry Department
William Morris, Sciences Deans Office

25-Year Awardee
James Varnell, Sciences Deans Office

20-Year Awardees
Paulette Rose, Clinical Psychology
Susan Langsford, Sciences Deans Office
Thomas Gibson, Biology Dept

15-Year Awardees
Candace Cabral, CRMSE
Dennis Conte, Mathematical Sciences
John Fall, Chemistry Dept
Tony Carrasco, Geological Sciences

10-Year Awardees
Barbara Cerf-Ducastel, Psychology
Bettyann Bernhardt, Sciences Deans Office
Clemente "André" Inocente, Sciences Deans Office
Jennifer Suggs, Biology
Joan Willis, Geological Sciences
Lisa Thurn, Biology Dept
Veronica Bejar, McNair Scholars Program

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