News Feature
June, 2008
By Dr. Joanne Lobato

SDSU Mathematics Educators Hold Research Symposia in China and South Korea

In June 2008, a delegation of four researchers from the Department. of Mathematics and Statistics visited China and South Korea, in an effort to promote mathematics education research conducted at SDSU, to initiate new research collaborations with East Asian researchers, and to explore opportunities for faculty and student exchanges. The 12-day trip was funded by the President's Leadership Fund and the Office of International Programs.
Research Symposium at East China Normal University in Shanghai
Research Symposium at East China Normal University in Shanghai
The delegation was led by department chair, Sam Shen, and included mathematics education researchers Chris Rasmussen, Joanne Lobato, and Susan Nickerson. The activities included research symposia at East China Normal University in Shanghai, Beijing Normal University, East Capital Normal University in Beijing, and Seoul National University. The delegation also met with officials from the Ministry of Education in China, the China National Research Institute of Educational Sciences, the Korean Research Foundation, and the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation. The delegation received support from government and university officials and identified concrete steps to pursue collaborative research as well as faculty and student exchanges.

As part of the project, the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education (CRMSE) at SDSU will host delegations from China and South Korea this year and continue to pursue opportunities for extended collaboration. The U.S. group will also hold colloquia at CRMSE and in the Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics to share what they have learned.

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