News Feature
Jul 5, 2011
By Andrew Cooksy (

New Home for New Molecular Sciences Computer Cluster

one of csrc's computer-cluster racks
One of CSRCs computer-cluster racks

The Computational Sciences Research Center (CSRC) has inaugurated the College of Sciences new Server Center by installing the recently purchased Molecular Sciences Computer Cluster (MSCC). The newly renovated server room will become home to the CSRC's wide range of computing equipment, which support cutting edge, cross-disciplinary research in materials and combustion science, oceanography and climatology, engine and wing design, and a host of other areas.

The MSCC is the latest addition to the CSRC's major computational infrastructure, and -- in keeping with the Center's interdisciplinary philosophy -- is dedicated to research at the interface between physics and chemistry, focusing on the interactions within and among atoms and molecules. Supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and from the Department of Defense, the MSCC is a $210,000 computer cluster featuring roughly 400 computing cores, over 1 TB of memory, and a state-of-the-art Infiniband internal network to support highly demanding parallel computations. The grants were awarded to a collaboration of chemists (Andrew Cooksy, John Love, and David Pullman) and physicists (Arlette Baljon and Michael Bromley) in order to support their studies into combustion chemistry, protein design, molecular imaging, polymer physics, and atomic clocks.

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