News Feature
April 21, 2011
By Stanley Maloy

NSF awards a grant for a high-speed computer network between SDSU and UCSD

network architecture
CSRCnet Network Architecture

The National Science Foundation recently awarded SDSU's Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) a grant for a high-speed network that will connect SDSU directly with the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) and the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (CalIT2) at UCSD. Dr. Christopher Paolini in the College of Engineering, together with College of Science researchers Castillo, Cooksy, Pullman, and Thomas, will lead the effort. The equipment will allow CSRC researchers to transfer data between the two campuses at 10 gigabits/second, a 100 times faster than standard SDSU network connections. The new network will be named CSRCnet, and will allow CSRC's faculty and students to exchange and visualize data on campus at very fast speeds. "This network infrastructure will create new opportunities for research collaboration between UCSD and SDSU faculty," Paolini said. "Faculty who routinely use high-performance TeraGrid resources at the San Diego Supercomputer Center will benefit from the increased data rate between the two universities."

The network will promote cutting-edge research at SDSU in areas including service-oriented and distributed software development, ocean systems modeling, earthquake research, simulation of pulse detonation engines, and new visualization resources to support metagenomic gene sequencing, quantum chemistry, and software to model gas turbine NOx emissions. The CSRC is an interdisciplinary center at SDSU with professors from Mathematical Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Geological Sciences, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Statistics, Astronomy, and Computer Science. The CSRC offers a PhD degree in computational science, and promotes computational research, educational outreach programs, and industrial partnerships.

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