News Feature
March 28, 2011
By Delnita Moore

Hands-On Science Fair

Carmen, Fardosa, and Harmony
SDSU Students: Carmen, Fardosa, and Harmony

On January 29, 2011 Black Student Science Organization (BSSO) lead by Harmony Saunders, Delnita Moore and Breanna Bledsoe, held an event at Walter J. Porter Elementary. The campus is located in Logan Heights and is a title one school. The school had a need for science education and as a science organization we thought it would be a good idea to host an event that would fulfill their need. On the day of the event the children were placed into groups of ten and rotated through three different science activities: a DNA extraction to cover life science, a biodome to incorporate some physical sciences, and a lemon juice bottle rocket to cover chemistry. Each activity included a short fifteen-minute lecture to cover some of the California science standards with the hope of improving standardized test scores. There were roughly twenty volunteers from our organization and we were able to accommodate for forty-five students. The children enjoyed the event and retained most of the information covered in lecture. The staff at the Porter enjoyed the event and requested that we host another Hands On Science Fair in the near future. BSSO has begun planning for the second annual Hands On Science Fair that will be hosted in October.

BSSO student volunteers: Delnita Moore, Breanna Bledsoe, Harmony Saunders, Siye Tekeste, Will Itie, Carmen Robinson, Tianna Woods, Marisha Woods, Alana Brooks, Guillermo Arzu, Jasmine Henderson, Tylyn Fields.

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