Message From the Dean's Office
May 31, 2011
By Dean Stanley Maloy

In response to a discussion at the CoS meeting last week, I promised to provide information on how to reach your state legislators. Some useful tips are provided below:

Your input is critical for state and national policy makers. Your Senators, Congressional Representatives, and Legislators cannot represent you if they don't hear your voice. They hear from passionate advocates for many other issues, and often make critical decisions based upon the input from voters. If we expect them to support higher education, our state legislators need to hear that you care about higher education and value what SDSU has done for our community and the State of California.

A one-page handwritten letter still has the greatest impact. However, if you do not have time to write, a call or a brief e-mail message can also make a difference.  When contacting your legislator, remember that the best way to be heard is to be polite, stick to the point, and ask for specific action. And remember that legislators from both parties need to hear your opinion!

Your effort is essential to keep support for higher education a priority for elected officials, community leaders, and others involved in the legislative and budget processes. They need to hear how important their support is for ensuring that our students get the kind of education that is vital for their success and for the economy of our community and the state.

Note that in addition to the dire need for advocacy for higher education in California, federal support for research is also under serious attack. Deep cuts to federal funding agencies would have detrimental consequences for our students and faculty. Research!America provides some valuable insights on how to advocate for scientific research on their website:

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