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  July 1st, 2016

Big Data, Better Health (Michael Price)

What factors influence whether a person is healthy? Individual habits and hygiene play a role, certainly, but demographics also significantly shape a person's health. Minorities and people from disadvantaged groups suffer disproportionately from certain types of cancer, obesity, sexually transmitted disease, asthma and heart disease.

  June 27th, 2016

Going Viral (Michael Price)

Microbial ecologist Forest Rohwer, has been assembling a super-team of diverse, highly skilled researchers to combat problems too big for any single scientist or discipline to solve.

  June 13th, 2016

New Planet Is Largest Discovered That Orbits Two Suns (Michael Price)

It's a bit curious that this biggest planet took so long to confirm, since it is easier to find big planets than small ones, said SDSU astronomer Jerome Orosz, another coauthor on the study. It took so long to confirm because its orbital period is so long.

  June 1st, 2016

$10 Million Endowment for Health Disparities Work (Michael Price)

Better infrastructure will allow researchers across SDSU’s campus to share data and resources and answer new kinds of questions, said Kristen Wells, an assistant professor of psychology at SDSU who contributed to the endowment application.

  May 31st, 2016

Aztec Science Camp Returns (staff)

Topics will vary so that children can attend for up to two weeks and engage with new ideas about science each week. Camp Sessions include Planet Protectors and Toyologists, and Rokenbok Designers and Clue Creators.

  May 25th, 2016

Climate and Disease: Why 1-2° Degrees Matters! (staff)

Although some of the consequences of climate change may take many decades before impacting humans, the small temperature changes caused by global warming have already altered the prevalence of many human diseases. Speaker: Dean Stanley Maloy

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