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  January 11th, 2018

New EIS Complex Highlights Collaboration (Michael Price)

"I'm looking forward to seeing the collaborations that result from our scientists and engineers being co-located under the same roof," said Stephen Welter, vice president for research and dean of Graduate Affairs. "The new complex has a world-class set of labs and facilities that just did not exist on this campus before."

  January 8th, 2018

An MRI Machine of Our Own (Michael Price)

"There's a lot of advancement in the technology, and this [machine] is the top-of-the-line one," said psychology professor Martin Sereno, director of the SDSU brain imaging center. "It puts us a little ahead of a lot of other places."

  December 15th, 2017

Do Rattlers Like their Lizards Warm or Cool? (Michael Price)

"Generally, the colder they are, the slower they are," said SDSU Ph.D. student Hannes Schraft working in the lab of biologist Rulon Clark. Do these snakes prefer certain temperatures of prey to others?

  December 12th, 2017

Phages Don't Need Bacteria to Enter the Body (Michael Price)

A new study led in part by SDSU scientists is the first to discover that bacteriophages can directly interact with human cells. We estimate the average human body transports 30 billion phage particles from the gut into the cells, blood and organs of the body every day.

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