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  October 13th, 2014

SDSU's Top 5 Grants from the Past Year (Michael Price)

In total, SDSU investigators brought in 731 awards worth $107.8 million. College of Sciences PI's include: Mark Sussman, heart stem cell research ($8.5 million over five years) and Faramarz Valafar, understanding mutations in drug-resistant tuberculosis ($2.5 million over four years).

  October 17th, 2014

Skeleton Crew (Michael Price)

Somewhere on campus at San Diego State University, there are Tasmanian devils, kangaroos, mountain lions, tigers, a fin whale, a gray whale, grizzly bears, lemurs, cape buffalo, hippos and rhinos. They may lack muscles, organs and the spark of life, but still--you've got to admit that's pretty impressive.

  October 16th, 2014

Q: Why Did the Bobcat Cross the Road? (Jeneene Chatowsky and Michael Price)

A: Because she didn't know it was safer to use the drainage culvert. An SDSU biologist is learning how to encourage safer animal-crossing along SR-67.

  October 15th, 2014

Weather History Time Machine (Michael Price)

SDSU Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Samuel Shen contributes to new software that displays accurate models of historical precipitation, allowing far more researchers access to these models.

  October 14th, 2014

Taking Infestation with a Grain of Salt (Michael Price)

SDSU biologist Jeremy Long's research suggests that it's not a simple as saying too many insects spell death for a host plant. Instead, his research suggests a complex interplay between insects, plant growth, and the overall stress of the marsh environment.

  October 10th, 2014

There's a Spider Next to You! (Probably) (Michael Price)

"Any bench that you sit on or bike rack where you park your bike on campus, there's going to be some brown widows under there," said biologist Marshal Hedin, SDSU's resident arachnid expert. "Most people wouldn't suspect that, I guess."

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