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  January 25th, 2016

Homeland Security Program Students are Intelligence Analysts on "The Hunted" TV Series (Lance Larson)

Two SDSU Homeland Security graduate students will be intelligence analysts on this season of "The Hunted" on CBS. Casting agents confidentially and specifically contacted the SDSU HSEC program early last year due to recommendations from several SDSU HSEC alumni already working in the intelligence community.

  December 14th, 2016

Jimi Hendrix Lends New Plant Species His Name (Michael Price)

Jimi Hendrix may have died more than 45 years ago, but his botanical legacy will live forever. In a new study, a team of researchers, including San Diego State University plant biologist Michael Simpson, identified a new and rare species of succulent and dubbed it Dudleya hendrixii, or "Hendrix's liveforever," in honor of the guitar virtuoso.

  December 8th, 2016

Going Tooth-to-Tooth with Dinosaurs (Staff)

Move over, hyenas and saber-toothed cats; scientists have discovered a mammal with an even stronger bite. San Diego State University biologist Eric Ekdale was part of a team of researchers who describe in a new study an early marsupial relative called Didelphodon vorax.

  December 8th, 2016

Student Organization Spotlight: Psi Chi and Psychology Club (Staff)

We host social, academic, fundraising, and service events year-round. Some events include potlucks, lectures, board game nights, graduate student panels, stress-relief yoga, and our annual Psi Chi initiation ceremony.

  December 6th, 2016

What Mustard Can Tell Us About Climate Change (Staff)

How well could native California plants withstand increasing temperatures in a warming climate? Using the state's native wild mustard plant as a model organism, new research led by scientists atSDSU and Siena College aims to answer that question.

  December 2nd, 2016

How Americorps Crew is Making a Difference in Temecula Region (Aaron Claverie)

Pablo Bryant, SDSU reserve manager, said the university jumped at the chance to participate because it meant land at Santa Margarita that had been impacted by research projects could be restored.

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