Preliminary Program

Monday, July 24
9:00 am Invited Presentation High Order Mimetic Discretizations of Continuum Mechanics
Jose Castillo
9:50 am Invited Presentation Multiresolution Analysis: From Meyer and Mallat's Wavelets to Diffusion Wavelets
Cristina Pereyra
10:40 am Short Presentations

A Tridimensional Study of the Kerogen Maturation Process in Evolutionary Basins
Elbano David Batista Pérez
Oswaldo J. Jiménez

Water Uptake by Root of Croops: A Moving Boundary Approach
Jorge Luis Blengino Albrieu
Juan Carlos Reginato
Domingo A. Tarzia

11:30 am
12 noon Workshop:

Mathematical and Computational Approaches to Complex Nonlinear Physical Phenomena

Computational Combustion: Recent Advances in 2 Dimensional Simulations of the Pattern-Forming Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation
Peter Blomgren

Noise-Induced Cellular Patterns on Circular Domains
Scott Gasner

Investigation of the Effect of Non-Dimensional Numbers for the Mixing and Reacting Flow Inside a Burner
Álvaro L. de Bortoli

Numerical Simulation of Solitary Waves in Nonlinear Dispersive Equations
Angel Durán

Fully Adaptive Multiresolution Schemes for Strongly Degenerate Parabolic Equations
Ricardo Ruiz Baier

Short Presentations

FGMRES Preconditioning by Symmetric-Antisymmetric Decomposition of Generalized Stokes Problems
Dany De Cecchis
Hilda López
Brígida Molina

Preconditioning Techniques for Saddle Points Problems
Zenaida Castillo

12:50 -
2:30 pm
Short Presentations

Constructing Accurate Polynomial Approximations for Nonlinear Differential Initial Value Problems
María Dolores Roselló Ferragud
Lucas Jódar Sánchez
B. Chen
R. Company

Constructing Mean Square Discrete Solutions for Random Differential Equations
Laura Villafuerte Altúzar
Lucas Jódar
Juan Carlos Cortés

Nonstandard Methods for More General Reaction Terms
Benito Chen
Hristo Kojouharov

Numerical Solution of Test Neutral Functional Differential Equations with the Segmented Formulation of the Tau Method
René Escalante
Luis F. Cordero


Tuesday, July 25
9:00 am Invited Presentation Numerical Simulation of Traffic Flow
Patricia Saavedra
9:50 am Invited Presentation Identification of Piezoelectric Material Parameters With an Optimization Toolbox
Roland Krause
10:40 am Poster


11:30 am
12 noon Poster


A Comparison Between Two Non-Linear Optimization Methods for Seismic Ray Tracing on Complex 3D Heterogeneous Geological Media
Aldo Reyes-Cortez
Rina Surós

Optimal Power Split in a Hybrid Electric Vehicle Using Direct Transcription of an Optimal Control Problem
Elvio A. Pilotta
Laura V. Pérez

Optimization of Solar Low Energy Building Design
María Isabel Pontin
María Nidia Ziletti
Alejandra Mendez

Two New Algorithms for the Joint Replenishment Problem
Miguel Angel Gutierrez
John Goddard
Sergio de los Cobos Silva

Short Presentations

Envelopes and Tubular Splines
Paluszny, Marco
Tovar, Francisco

Orthogonal Polytopes Modeling Through the Extreme Vertices Model in the n-Dimensional Space
Ricardo Pérez-Aguila
Antonio Aguilera

Sphere Inversion and 3D Lemniscates Singularities

Gabriel Arcos
Marco Paluszny
José R. Ortega

1:15 -
2:30 pm
Short Presentations

A Parallel Algorithm for Seismic Modeling
German Larrazabal
Aldo Reyes

A Parallel Simulator of Framed Structures
Richard Espinoza
Julio Florez
German Larrazabal

Out-of-Core layer of UCSparseLib
German Larrazabal
Jorge Castellanos


Wednesday, July 26
9:00 am Invited Presentation Theory of Differential Equations in Discontinuous Fields and Its Application to Galerkin, Myxed, Hybrid and Optimal Functions Fem
Ismael Herreara
9:50 am Invited Presentation Multiobjective Design of Complex Systems Using Surrogates
Victor Pereyra
10:40 am Short Presentations Eigenvalues of Linear Operators and its Approximations
Slavisa Djordjevic

Transformation Algorithm of a Matrix that Determines the Stability in Square Mean of a Dynamical Input-Output System
José Ramón Guzmán
Alejandra Calvo Flores
Gabriela Marmolejo Franco

11:30 am
12 noon Short Presentations Numerical Modeling of Hydrodynamic Processes Forced by Wind and Tide in the Paracas Bay Pisco-Perú
Jorge Quispe Sanchez
Emanuel Guzman Zorrilla

The Simulation of The Circulation in Todos Santos Bay, Mexico
Isabel Ramirez
Carlos Torres
Adan Mejia

Short Presentations Displacement of Immiscible Fluids in Porous Media
María del Carmen Hernández Rendón

Finite Element and Finite Difference for the Solution of Reacting Navier-Stokes Equations
Pedro Henrique de Almeida Konzen
Álvaro Luiz de Bortoli
Mark Thompson

Mimetic Discretization of Elliptic PDE Problems With Full Tensor Coefficients
Huy K. Vu
Jose Castillo

Numerical Simulation of a Degenerate PDE Model for the Formation of TCE Degrading Dual-Species Biofilms
HJ Eberl
Nasim Muhammad

On the Parameter Selection Problem in the Newton-ADI Iteration for Large Scale Riccati Equations
Hermann Mena
Peter Benner
Jens Saak

The Method of Meshless Fundamental Solutions for the Pressure Equation in Oil Field Problems
Desireé Villalta
Juan Guevara-Jordan
Mariela Castillo

12:50 -
2:30 pm

Modeling Ecosystems Dynamics
Eddy Paths in the Gulf of Mexico by 3D Numerical Models
Sorayda Tanahara
Carlos Torres
Michel Crepon

Hydrodynamics Simulation by Environmental Forcing in the Bay Paracas, Pisco-Perú
Jorge Quispe Sanchez
Isabel Ramirez Aguilar
Octavio Moron Antonio

Pressure Gradient Calculations in Curvilinear Models: The GCOM Case
Carlos Torres
Sorayda A. Tanahara

Center for Integrative Coastal Observations, Research and Education (CICORE): A Coastal Observing Program
Charles Trees


Thursday, July 27
9:00 am Invited Presentation General Linear Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations
J. C. Butcher (John Butcher)
9:50 am


Numerical Computing, Optimization and Control of PDE- 1

A Fully Adaptive Non-Stiff Method for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation
Hector D. Ceniceros
Alexandre M. Roma

Radial Basis Function Methods for the Solution of Convective Diffusive Problems
Pedro Gonzalez Casanova

A Stabilized Advection-Diffusion Equation Obtained by FIC
Miguel Angel Moreles

Solving the Reaction-Diffusion Equation with High Order Operator Decomposition Methods
Francisco Sánchez-Bernabe
Javier Salcedo-Ruíz

Short Presentations Basic Properties of Unstable Normal Modes of Steady Ideal Flows on a Rotating Sphere
Yuri N. Skiba

Multiresolution Based Grid Coarsening for Discontinuous Problems
Alfonso Limon
Hedley Morris

On a Method for Constructing the Shallow-Water Discrete Models Conserving the Total Mass and Energy
Yuri N. Skiba
Denis M. Filatov

On Generation of Conformal Mappings of Spherical Domains
Andrei Bourchtein
Ludmila Bourchtein

11:30 am
12 noon-
2:30 pm


Numerical Computing, Optimization and Control of PDE- 1I

ε-Insensitizing Controls for the Heat Equation
Luz de Teresa

A Numerical Conjugate Gradient Method for ytt - yxx + y3 = 0
Carlos Barrón Romero

Conjugate Gradient Methods for the Estimation of Hydrodynamic Vector Fields
L. Hector Juarez
Marco A. Nunez
Ciro F. Flores

Matrix Calculation of Perturbation Series for Self-Adjoint Operators
Marco A. Nuñez
Gustavo Izquierdo B.

Short Presentations Fast Computation of Equispaced Pareto Manifolds and Pareto Fronts for Unconstrained Multi-Objective Optimization Problems
Victor Pereyra

Fuzzy Ant Colony Optimization for Estimating the Chlorophyll Concentration Profile in Offshore Sea Water
Haroldo Fraga de Campos Velho
Adenilson Carvalho
Roberto P. Souto
José C. Becceneri
Sandra A. Sandri
Stephan Stephany

Inferring the Left Ventricle Dynamical Behavior Using a Free-Form Deformations Model
Antonio Bravo
Rubén Medina
Gianfranco Passariello

Multiscale Analysis by Discrete Mollification
Carlos D. Acosta
Cesar G. Castellanos
Juan D. Pulgarin

Numerical Treatment of an Inverse Problem for a Strongly Degenerate Parabolic Equation
Anibal Coronel
Raimund Burger
Mauricio Sepulveda

Parameter Identification of Nonlinear Dynamical Models by Using Differential Evolution Algorithms
Irineo Lopez-Cruz
Noel Lopez-Gonzaga


Friday, July 28
9:00 am Invited Presentation New Functionals for Numerical Structured Grid Generation
Pablo Barrera-Sanchez

9:50 am


Numerical Computing, Optimization and Control of PDE- 1II

Enhanced Finite Elements: An Overview
Ismael Herrera

Numerical Simulation of Electrically Conducting Fluids Flows in Magnetic Fields
Sergio Cuevas
Alberto Beltrán
Sergey Smolentsev

Framework for Solving Numerically Laminar and Turbulent Flows
Luis M. de la Cruz Salas

Vortex Formation in a Cavity with Oscillating Walls
Guillermo Efrén Ovando Chacón
Héctor Juárez Valencia
Guadalupe Huelsz Lesbros

Short Presentations

A New Fast "General Ray" Method for Solution of Boundary Problems for Partial
Differential Equations
Alexandre Grebennikov

A Numerical Method for Three Dimensional Void Electromigration
Lubomir Banas
Robert Nurnberg

A Remark on the Stability of Solitary Waves for 1-D Benney-Luke Equation
Eduardo Ibarguen Mondragón
José Raúl Quintero

Heisenberg's Turbulent Spectral Transfer Theory for Sub-grid Parameterization in LES Models
Haroldo Fraga de Campos Velho
Gervásio A. Degrazia
André B. Nunes
Prakki Satyamurty
Otávio C. Acevedo
Umberto Rizza
Jonas C. Carvalho

11:30 am
12 noon-
2:30 pm


Numerical Computing, Optimization and Control of PDE- 1V

Layer Growth Kinetics During Post-Discharge Nitriding
F. Castillo
A. Fraguela
J. Oseguera
J.A. Gómez

On Solving Parameter Estimation of Simulation Based Optimization Problems
Susana Gómez

Approximation of Discrete Boundary Data by Trigonometric Polynomials
Andrés Fraguela

Inverse Electroencephalography for Volumetric Sources
María Monserrat Morín Castillo
Andrés Fraguela Collar
José Jacobo Oliveros Oliveros

A Novel Method to Solve Parameter Identification Problems in a Boundary Value Problem that Arises in the ECT
José Jacobo Oliveros Oliveros
Andrés Fraguela Collar
Susana Gómez Gómez


Methods and Models to Decision Support

Fraud Measurement Using Ordered Weighted Aggregation
Viviana Ventre
Mario Fedrizzi

Generalized Consistency and Preferences Representation by Pairwise Comparisons
Luciano Basile
L. D'Apuzzo G.
G. Marcarelli
Massimo Squillante

A Proposal for a Fully Automatic Image Segmentation Algorithm
Luciano Nieddu
G. Manfredi

Three-Way Ordinal non Symmetrical Correspondence Analysis for the Evaluation of the Patient Satisfaction
Biagio Simonetti
Luigi D'Ambra
Eric J. Beh

Parallel Factor Analysis for Compositional Data
Michele Gallo