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Dr. Roland Krause - Course Outline

Weidlinger Associates, Inc.
Los Altos, CA, USA

The ongoing theme connecting all three lectures is the Finite Element Method.

Session 1: Introduction to Scientific Computing

Session 2: The Role of Errors in Simulations

Lab 1 Practice examples

Session 3: The Finite Element Method and Scientific Computing

Session 4: Components: Polynomials, Interpolation, Integration, Mapping, Linear Systems

Lab 2 Components: Interpolation, Iterative and Direct Solvers

Session 5: Nonlinear Systems, Linearization, Newton's Method

Session 6: Time dependent problems, ODEs, IVP, Computational Dynamics


  • Scientific Computing: An Introductory Survey, Second Edition by Michael T. Heath published by McGraw Hill, New York, 2002,
  • Finite Element Methods, Szabo, B. and Babuska, I.
  • The Finite Element Method, T.J.R. Hughes