Invited Presentations

Jose Castillo
"High Order Mimetic Schemes Including Boundary Conditions"
Gene Golub
"Solution of Non-Symmetric, Real Positive Linear Systems"
Alberto Grunbaum
"The Problem of 'Simultaneous Concentration' in Physical and Frequency Space: The Cases of the Fourier Transform, the Fourier Series and the DFT"
Bertil Gustafsson
"Deferred Correction Methods for Initial-Boundary Value Problems"
Eugenia Kalnay
"Breeding, singular vectors, Lyapunov vectors and data assimilation"
Obidio Rubio Mercedes
"A Primitive Model for the Thermally and Stress Driven Flow"
Victor Pereyra
"A Toolkit for Optimization Involving Large Scale Simulations"
Ruben R. Rosales
"Internal Breaking Waves in the Ocean"
Godela Scherer
" Large Scale Least Squares Scattered Data Fitting"
Ben Segal
"Grid Computing for Physics and other Sciences"
Robert Suaya
"Optimal Design of Interconnect Structures"