History of the PanAmerican Workshops

The objective of these workshops is to create cooperative research activities based on international collaboration and to promote the development of applied and computational mathematics in Latin America. To accomplish these goals, we must bring together practicing applied and computational mathematicians in the Americas to exchange research information, and create a forum for researchers to refine, enhance and implement research activities. The purpose is to continue to center in areas of applied and computational mathematics, such as, computational fluid dynamics, numerical optimization, high-performance computing, grid generation, computer algebra, and dynamical systems aimed to evaluate data related to areas of environmental, social and economic development in the Americas.

PanAmerican Workshop-Applied and Computational Mathematics I, that was held in Caracas, Venezuela from January 10-15, 1993
PanAmerican Workshop-Applied & Computational Mathematics II, that was held in Gramado, Brasil from September 8-13, 1997
PanAmerican Workshop-Applied & Computational Mathematics III, that was held in Trujillo, Peru, from April 24-28, 2000