• Schedule of events for the 2013 Open House

    Logo: OPEN HOUSE at CMIL, March 10th 2013

    Schedule of events

    10:00 am    Doors Open!

    11:00 am     Faculty Presentation

    11:30 am     Guided Lab Tour

    12:00 pm    Raffle

     1:00 pm     Faculty Presentation

     1:30 pm     Guided Lab Tour

     2:00 pm     Raffle

     3:00 pm     Doors Close


    Lecture titles and information

    11 am – Talk by Dr. Jeremy Long, Assistant Professor of Biology

    Title of Presentation: Things that suck in salt marshes

    Research Interests: I study how the interactions of predators and prey shape several marine communities including salt marshes, rocky shores, and subtidal habitats. I am fascinated by the chemicals plants and animals make, and the roles these chemicals play. I like to bring science to a broader audience through music videos.

    Photo montage of Jeremy Long and his field sites and research species.



    1 pm – Talk by Dr. Matt Edwards, Assistant Professor of Biology

    Title of Presentation: The amber forest: what’s in there?

    Research Interests: The goals of my lab are to study the physiology, population biology, ecology and biogeography of seaweeds, with an emphasis on eastern Pacific kelp forests. Our research integrates organismal biology, population and community ecology, and a strong emphasis on quantitative and experimental techniques to assess spatial and temporal patterns in coastal marine communities. Members of our group do field research in California, Washington, Alaska, Mexico, Chile and Peru on topics ranging from dispersal and dormancy in marine seaweeds to the effects of global warming and El Niño-Southern Oscillations on their latitudinal range limits.

    Photo montage of Matt Edwards and his field sites and research species.

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